Cats And Dogs Who Violated Their Owner’s Personal Space & Cats Are Not Even Sorry

  • By Hashir
  • July 23, 2020
  • 5 minutes read

Our pets are not just pets, they are our best friends. We love and adore them. Whether it’s our dog wagging its tail and running around us or it’s our cat meowing at us with an innocent look on its face trying to get our attention, we love them all the same. There is a famous phrase that says “a human is the best drug for another human.” But, sometimes humans turn their backs on each other. We’re left alone and feel like no one understands us. We isolate ourselves and overthink to the point where we become a victim of monsters like depression, stress and anxiety. To the world we’re always smiling but deep down we’re empty inside. That’s when our pets put their paws on our hands in a reassuring manner. They assure us that we’re not alone and that they’re here for us.

They stand by our side even through the darkest days of our life. But, hold on! There’s a downside to it as well. Our pets reassure us to the point that they completely disregard personal space. Yes, our adorable pets are far away from all kinds of laws, rules and regulations. First, they hold our hand with their paws, and the next thing we know they’re sitting on us with their butt on our face. Amazing, right? To show just what it’s like we have found some photos and videos that explain how our beloved pets have completedly violated our personal space. Scroll down and check them out.

This little guy seems sorry for his wrongdoings.

“Happy Thanksgiving! My dog ate the cheesecake while we were in a different room!”

This adorable cat likes to snuggle with its owner.

“Personal space? Nope.. I’m a cat pillow.”

“Just wondering if they taste different from one another.”

“I left the groceries for ONE MINUTE and he took a bite out of every single tortilla.”

We all want a corgi-massage. It would be worth it!

“Corgi-massage: It’s a serious business. Don’t look at me like that.”

What a cat wants, a cat gets.

“We bought a bed for our large dog…”

Since cats are royal species, they enjoy bedding that’s as soft as them. Comfort is their first priority. It doesn’t matter who owns the spot. If their fluffy royal butt is on, it belongs to them. Cats set high goals and are very ambitious. If they set their mind to conquering something, they most likely will and you can not stop them. Just like in the above photo. This chonky took over his big dog bro’s bed and the dog is generous enough to let it go. This is so heartwarming yet extremely hilarious. No wonder why we love them so much.

Fell asleep in the middle of a declared war.

“Our cat actually fell asleep like this, with his mouth fully around my daughter’s arm and his claws dug in. If she moved, he woke briefly tighten his grip.”

“Hooman, now you can’t move. I got ya!”

“I was laying on my bed browsing Reddit when suddenly…”

“Mommy is giving me a piggyback ride! Yay!”

“I promise I would be a good girl from now on!
*Just kidding*”

“My dogs face, because my mom yelled at her for eating everything in the trash…”

“Nope! you’re just my mom. I don’t approve of the new baby.”

“Shredder refuses to leave his mom’s side.”

“Hooman, I want to have what you’re having!”

“Every meal…”

“You better transfer the ownership of the fridge before you set out again. I won’t leave you until you do.”

“I laid on the bed with my clothes on and was immediately captured.”

“Go find yourself another spot, you annoying tiny hooman!”

Mr. Big Cat: “You come to ask me for something, but you do it with disrespect.”

“Time to stretch on this silky smooth surface. I kinda like it though.”

“Look who came to help me wrap Christmas presents.”

“This bed is warm and fluffy.”


“Oh! Is that cake!? Or, should I say, WAS the cake?”

Oops! Didn’t saw this one coming.

“I’ve been saving up for a Switch for a couple of months now. I finally got it last week and found this in my dog’s mouth this morning.”

“Thanks for setting up a comfy spot for me hooman. Now, shower while I watch you.”

“When you decide to take a bath with a book and a candle, and organize the place very nicely. All for this…”

“Hooman, don’t worry I’ll help you study for the exam.”


These pets are an epitome of cuteness and we are completely mesmerised by them. Let us know about your cats and dogs, how they violate the laws of personal space in the comments below. Share it with other cats/ dog owners and see if they can relate too.

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