Funniest Cat Tweets That Accurately Portrays Life Of Cat Owners

So, we’ve talked about cats enough for you to know what it’s like to actually have a four-legged creature walk around the house. We can’t stress enough on the fact that their moods are *BOOM* out of this world. You think you know your cat? Nahhh, you’re wrong. These unpredictable naughty feline friends have something else going on in their mind that we can NEVER know of. If there is any place to study cat psychology, we’d like to go. Because it has become very important to break down the thought processes of these fur balls. It’s important for our own survival. Guess that doesn’t exist and we’re stuck with what we already have. Ugghhh!

But that’s just the cats right? Ever wondered about the cat owner? How they keep up with their cat shenanigans each day? Yeah, now we’re talking. Poor owners would do anything in their power to make their cats feel at home. But you know cats, gotta do things their own way. So if you’ve lived long enough with cat(s), you probably know what we’re talking about. But for others, you’re gonna have to see these cat tweets that we got you.

Despite the silliness, the cat owners are kind enough to provide us some real cat moments on Twitter, that actually show how they keep up with their cats. And we were too, to gather them for you. Scroll below to see what’s going on in their lives.

1. Cat owners are having some serious questions…

via /guavaa_

And to be honest, we’re all concerned..for them.

2. Sorry to break it to you. You’ve only got 1 cat and a cotton ball.

via 1followernodad

Looks too comfortable sitting there.

3. And we wonder…

via /tdawks

Cats…you can’t really blame them for anything, right? You just cancel their membership.

4. Oh of course, the cats can’t type. That’s bull-

via /ErinChack

And the fact that it’s authentic, makes us wonder even more.

5. Rain drop, drop top…

Never bothered this little catty.

6. Oh dear, why…

via /videojames_

Can somebody explain this to us?

7. These people…

via ReelQuinn

We would like to give them a piece of our mind, someday.

8. ‘Cats aren’t dramatic’. Meanwhile, this cat:


We do know that cats can be a handful at times, but man we’re loving these. God made these devils and thought it would be nice to fool humans with a cute face, so why not? And there we have it. These cats are what runs the house and our lives (not to forget). They’re only a little crazy we feel. But we’re the ones who spoil them honestly. Don’t think so? Keep scrolling to see how.

9. Kids these days have it too easy now…

via tastefactory

We’d get smacked for keeping our parents waiting for more than a second. Darn it!

10. You just happen to become a Cat Whisperer…

via CornOnTheGoblin

And that definitely helps. Heart2Heart is essential.

11. ‘But you haven’t even seen the world yet!!’

via aparnapkin

Cats & Dogs: ‘We’ve seen enough of you. Don’t need no more’

12. “Witnessed an extremely powerful creature today”

via harrytomlomsom

Seconds later, this cat scurried across the street..’snoopin for snacks’. Yeahhh

13. Sometimes, it’s hard to explain..

via AudreyPorne

Why your kids look like a cat. IT HURTS

14. “I bought my mom a book on how to make tiny hats for cats yesterday and she just TEXTED ME THIS PICTURE”

via meranyaizer

Either the cat isn’t satisfied or it just got in character. We can’t tell.

15. Oh no no no…

via TheCatWhisprer/

That’s the cat house. You’re just paying the rent.

These cat tweets are exactly how a cat owner’s life would be. Keeping up with their shenanigans is not an easy job to do. But what else could you do? You’ve let the little devils in your home on your own. Gotta pay a price for that. And honestly, kitty kisses at the end of the day are worth every minute of keeping up with your cat. That’s how the relationship works. So, we guess you’re stuck with our (and yours) favorite four-legged furry babies, FOREVA!! Wellll, what do you think? If you’re a cat owner and could relate to all these, let us know in the comments section below.

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