Sam The Eyebrow Cat Can Ask For Anything & I’ll Give It To Him

Many years ago, humans were gifted with this specific set of facial hair that we call Eyebrows. Now, it has become a very important part of our physical appearance. We can’t imagine ourselves without eyebrows, just like we can’t imagine our lives without cats. Eyebrows and cats? Two completely opposite things that have no connection whatsoever! But how about we combine both things, that are important to us, right now?

CAT WITH EYEBROWS? Nawww, you gotta be kitten me!! Well, we wish we were. But allow us to help you with this one right here. We stumbled upon this smol guys Instagram who goes by the username @Samhaseyebrows. And honestly, he does. He does happen to have these perfect little eyebrows that gives the impression of being worried all the time. The poor little guy can’t help it, neither can we & we love it.

Sam was found in the mid of March 2012, in cat carrier in front of a couple’s neighbor’s house. The neighbors actually had no cat so they knew it wasn’t theirs for sure. But they saw this beautiful white cat with unusual markings on its head and tail. IT WAS SAM!!! Sam, who was named after Andy Warhol’s cat, was taken to the vet a week after and was then adopted by the couple later that year. They thought it would be great to have him on the internet for the world to see, and we’re glad they made this decision. Now, Sam is stealing the spotlight with a million followers on his Instagram page. He got a home and is ready to steal your hearts too.

Seems like the worried-looking cat doesn’t have to worry anymore. Neither do you, because you’re in for some entertainment. All you need to do is scroll below to meet Sam.

1. ‘This is Sam. He has eyebrows.’

We see some goooood eyebrows!

2. Girls be tryin’ so hard to achieve the perfect eyebrows…

Meanwhile Sam wakes up like this.

3. Yeah, get those eyebrows from every angle.

Pretty flawless!

4. Nothing excites him anymore!

Looks like he’s trying to communicate a message we can’t understand.

5. He gets worried when he’s bored…

Just kidding. He’s worried all the time and that is what Sam is all about.

Eyebrows on fleek? Check. Cats are beautiful anyways, but this cat just got extra lucky with those gifted eyebrows. We cannot help but look at his pictures with so much love. They’re even making us giggle. Are you enjoying them too? We hope you are. There’s still more to see of him. Keep scrolling.

6. Sam and his eyebrows, in a costume.

Here we are…squeaking from his cuteness.

7. Seems like Sam enjoys this spot…

… just so he can judge you from afar! I know what you did last night, hooman!

8. Look at those pretty-looking teeth.

More like fangs.

9. Out and about!

Oooo and that turkey plush is keeping him busy.

10. “Timing is everything. Sound on!”


Imagine turning over to see a cat with eyebrows looking at you. Yeah…sketchy.

Woahh! That was crazy. Never knew cats could look this good with eyebrows. Actually, we never knew cats could grow such eyebrows. We’ve got Sam with the perfect eyebrows here, looking all cute and concerned. They say ‘Not all angels have wings. Some have whiskers’, we guess they forgot to mention eyebrows as well. Because they’re giving some serious competition to their fellow cats. What do you think? Share your thoughts about Sam in the comments section below and let us know if you had fun.


Photo credits: Instagram

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