40 Before-And-After Photos Of Cute Kittens Growing Up To Become Beautiful Cats

  • By Sara
  • June 23, 2020
  • 7 minutes read

Owning a pet can change your life forever.

They become a huge part of your life. Once you adopt a cat or kitten, they aren’t an animal to you anymore. The pet becomes a part of your family. It is the same as adopting a human child. You now have the responsibility of a furry life. You have to feed it, clean it, and provide it with everything it needs. The only difference is that this baby won’t move out once it is 18. You’re stuck with them for the rest of their life. They sort of dedicate their whole life to you and you are the only family that they have.

The best part about adopting a kitten is watching it grow up right in front of your eyes. If you thought humans grew up fast, you haven’t seen a kitten’s growth. They become twice their size in a year! Watching them grow up really gives you joy. So here are 40 before-and-after pictures of kittens growing up to become beautiful cats:

#1 Smoothie Then And Now


Olivia W – Is that smoothiethecat from YouTube? She is so adorable!

#2 Coby The Cat Then And Now


lnbr – Beautiful eyes!!!

#3 They Grow Up So Fast


#4 Gimo


Lara B. – Puss in Boots 😀

#5 Niko Then And Now


Lara B. – Looks like a Mini-Lynx 🙂

#6 Bum, The Worried Cat


You will be worried if your name is Bum

#7 My Sweet Boy Chewy. From A Couple Days Old To Almost 15 Years Old! We’ve Both Grown So Much


Lara B. – What a friendship <3

#8 He Finally Grew Into That Bow Tie


#9 Neville Growing Up


Flinkie – Still looking up, waiting for it’s treats So cute!

#10 Harrison From Harrison And Humphrey Then And Meow


Lara B. – Looks like a second grumpy cat <3

#11 The Most Beautiful Twin Cats Growing Up


tinklyatom – Beautiful cats with amazing eyes!

#12 The Difference One Year Of Love And Care Can Make. Found At A Construction Site, Her Siblings And Mama Were Dead


RMick – Awe! A good home makes all the difference in the world. Thanks for taking this kitten in.

#13 Izzy Of Izzy And The Fluff


Daria B – Heart on the chests ♥

#14 Hamilton The Hipster Cat Then And Now


a perfect MEOW-stash

#15 Mostarda – 2 Months To 1 Year

Lara B. – Wow! Your cat is a very special one <3

#16 He Was Just A Normal Kitten, And Then He Exploded

Meowoui – What was in the water you gave the kitty?

#17 Permanently Surprised Cat Kevin Then And Now


Flinkie – Always gonna be crazy!

#18 Golden British Shorthair Kitten Named Pumpkin Then And Now


Monica Jfk – Those eyes

#19 Then And Now

Meowoui – I finally can take over this thing my hooman is on all the time, maybe they will pay attention to me now, as much as they did this thing.

#20 Teddy And The Duck – 2 Years On

The duck shrank!

Are you looking at these cute babies? See how happy and healthy they are now. They are truly living their best lives spending time with their best friend and growing old in a warm and loving home. Make your house a home, adopt a kitten today!

#21 Found Him In A Parking Lot Eight Years Ago

Flinkie – He seems so comfy in your home <3

#22 Margot, One Year Later


Sarah S – Yes, but can she do a tre flip?

#23 Mykos And Mr Monkey. Then And Now

Meowoui – I loves my monkey.

#24 Foxi’s First Birthday. She Has Changed A Lot


Wyndmere – Now she’s a foxy lady cat.

#25 They Grow Up So Fast


Lindsay Ameye – This is the most Zen cat ever

#26 One Year Later


#27 We Recreated This Photo The Day Before We Had To Put Fudge To Sleep. She Was An Amazing Cat

Lara B. – So sorry for you Hanna! But it seems like Fudge received so much love from you. May he rest in peace and watch over you from up above <3

#28 My Ragdoll Mcfly, 5 Months And 1-Year-Old

MagicalUnicorn – still helping his hooman to work 😀

#29 6 Years Later, Still Loves To Sit On My Shoulder


Lucypwet – I haz cat boobz

#30 Last Year I Rescued Two Stray Kittens In My Neighborhood – This Is Them Then And Now


BoredBirgit – Grown from adorable kittens into adorable grown-ups.

#31 Beautiful Lucina Then And Now


She has a squirrel’s tail!

#32 Yantar. The Day I Pulled Him Out From A Car Engine And A Year After. (P.S. That Blood Is Mine. The Kitty Was So Scared When I Grabbed Him He Fought Desperately. But I Had No Time To Wait – The Lady Wanted To Drive Off No Matter The Cat In He Engine Of Her Car)

Esmeralda  – Thank you so much for your effort and struggle to help the kitty

#33 Humphrey From Harrison And Humphrey Then And Meow


Charlotte Hepworth – The eyes in the before

#34 Nimbus Then (2months) Vs Nimbus Now (10months)

Deb Bruinsma Findley – Wow…..now looks like a lion with gray coloring…beautiful!

#35 2 Years Later, Not Much Has Changed But His Size. He Still Loves The Same Sleeping Position


Lara B. – He looks so pleased with himself 🙂

#36 Sam Then And Now


Joelle Jansen – Hahaha those “eyebrows” are really cute

#37 Rupert Has Always Been Very Concerned About Things. Here’s Him As A Kitten Then And An 8 Year Old Now


#38 In 2000 And In 2017

Neeraj Jha – Swat Cats?

#39 Juno As A Kitten In 2011, To Juno Last Year At 5 Years Old. Some Things Never Change


Jeanety Gogert – That face! 😀

#40 Venus The Two-Faced Kitten Then And Now


What did you think of these incredible glow ups? Have you ever adopted a kitten? Share their transformation stories with us in the comments below!

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