This Twitter Account Posts Cat Pics With Spot On Metal Lyrics

Cats -They are the strangest animal on Earth! Yet we love them, we love them so much we can’t get over them! Cats as pets, become part of the family and they want to be treated like a family member. They want all their requirements and wishes to be fulfilled. They don’t take no for an answer. Yet, we adore them so much!

But did you know that cats have a dark history? From the beginnings of times, cats have been associated with witchcraft and demons. They were kept by witches, “those hellish imps that took the forms of animals to assist witches in their evil deeds”. This sounds so metal, no? This is the stereotype which didn’t go away with time, it is still considered to be true! And the other stereotype which you probably are familiar with is that black cats bring bad luck!

Twitter is a very innovative place. People come up with extremely funny and new ideas. So what if twitter and cats come together? How will the combination turn out to be? Well there is an account on twitter which gives cat photos a perfectly dark metal lyric. Wanna see the photos with captions? Scroll down!

1. The intimidating look.

2. This is one evil lookin cat!

3. “Someone needs to suffer for this!”

4. Burn in this world and also in hell!

5. Halloween came early for this cat.

6. If looks could kill…

7. Burnin’em all!!

8. A whole lot of scary looking cats!!!

9. Well shit….

10. Imma fight you wid my paws!

11. Straight outta a horror movie!

12. What lurks out in the dark??

13. The eyes that will hypnotize…

14. I killed it, now you’re gonna make me eat it??

15. Dear human, watch your back!

16. The ears have spoken.

17. You never know awaits you in the darkness..

18. Hmm, so you’re my humann…

19. I will watch you, not as your guardian angel but as the devil…

20. Cut the head off!

21. I will just lick you to death!

22. Majestic lion-cat!

23. *Roars in cat language*

24. Creepy cats are following you.

25. Fierce fiery colors!

26. I am your doom!

27. I will eat you if you come any closer!

28. I am the angel of death…

29. Thinking of darkness!

30. They are all my slaves..

Scroll down to enjoy more of these funny tweets!

31. You can’t get away with what you did!!

32. You think you know me but you don’t!!

33. It’s our turn to torment the hoomans!

34. The eyes never lie!

35. Ohh, so you’re finally home!!

36. Kitty with horns!

37. It’s cold outside, let us in hooman!

38. Untamed satan cat!

39. Someone looks more frightened than frightening!

40. Savage cat!

41. What?? You need no other pet, you have me?!?!

42. A look that will not let you sleep at night…

43. Creepy smiles…

44. Don’t make me angry or I will eat you.

45. Stop being so annoying human..

46. I see you watching me

47. You are on my mercy! WORSHIP ME!

48. I am the boss.

49. The silhouette of demon cat!

50. A walk in valley of dead.

Twitter surely is an awesome place! And this twitter-cat duo is hilarious and really entertaining! I hope this article was a piece of entertainment for you, which of these tweets did you find most funny? Let us know in the comments section below!

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