17 Animals Who Tried Their Best To Camouflage But Failed

  • By Saif
  • November 19, 2020
  • 5 minutes read

Now, who doesn’t like to play hide and seek?

We are pretty sure everyone loves it as it’s certainly one of the biggest joys of childhood. We would try to hide while one of the persons would try to find us. But it gets hilarious when we try our best to camouflage in the places which we “think” are the best and the person who’s trying to find us won’t be able to see us but ends up finding us easily instead.

However, for animals in the wild, playing hide and seek is more than just a game. In fact, it can become a matter of life or death even. As you know that some of the animals would eat the other animals. The animals who would hunt other animals are known as predators and the animals that they would hunt are called prey. Prey animals would often use camouflage to hide from predators because it gives them the ability to blend in with its environment and go unnoticed by the predators out there. Some animals are clever enough to blend in with their surroundings by looking like a common object while some would stay against a background that matches their colour.

But what about the animals who completely fail miserably while trying to camouflage themselves? It’s truly hilarious to watch them try and fail. Today, we have collected pictures of different animals who tried their best to camouflage but failed badly and guys, it’s nothing less than a treat to watch! Let’s see if you can spot them easily.

1. Let’s start with this one trying to blend in with the pebbles.

That’s actually not bad, at all!

2. Wow. This is such a beautiful picture!

But sorry pupper, you failed to camouflage in here. :p

3. Awww, look at those eyes!

If only he was rolled up into the bed sheet, he would have better chances of camouflaging.

4. “Alpha team, this is Charlie reporting. I’ve got eyes on the target. I repeat I’ve got eyes on the target. Awaiting orders!”

Look at this little army boy trying to camouflage while hiding into the leaves.

5. Can you spot the kitty?

Doggo be like, “Kitty? What kitty? That’s just my furr.”

6. “I wanted to go to sleep but couldn’t find the kitty. Found her sitting like a person in bed.”

Damn, I would have shat my pants.

7. “My friend called me saying that her cat had escaped, and a few hours later, he revealed himself.”

Someone was enjoying all the panic being caused because of him.

8. Now that’s definitely not a fail!

Such a perfect camouflage!

Hey there, wait a minute. Did you know that when these animals try to hide by staying against a background that matches their colour, it’s called concealing colouration? For instance, a snowy owl is white and its colouring would help him to blend in easily into the snowy surroundings. Okay, let’s resume with the pictures now. 😀

9. Sleeping with the enemy?

Cat sleeping on a mousepad with a mouse as a pillow. Mouseception.

10. Oh. My. Heart. THIS IS THE CUTEST!

“Hello there, are you looking for me?”

11. “My ringneck, Ziggy, chilling on some bananas”

Be careful. Don’t peel the parrot instead of a banana.

12. Okay, I’m going to faint again by the cuteness!

And this is definitely not a fail. I wouldn’t have been able to find this little guy in real life.

13. Dog with the log.

Not really a good hiding spot, doggo.

14. Look at these kitties using their mommy as a cushion.

And trying to camouflage at the same time!

15. Sorry kitty, we can still see you.

“But I wasn’t even hiding, hooman.”

16. Kitty be like, “What is this sorcery? Is this carpet made of my furr or is my furr made out of this carpet?”

Someone pliss help the kitty with it.

17. Awww poor little kitty being scared of another and trying to hide.

But you need to up your game of hiding spots, kitty.

Well, folks, that’s enough hide and seek for today. We hope you’ve had fun while looking at these animals who were obviously failing to camouflage. Has your pet ever done that before? What’s the most unusual one? Let us know into the comments section below!

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