24 Angry Cats That You Wouldn't Want To Mess With

24 Angry Cats That You Wouldn’t Want To Mess With

As far as the people who don’t own a cat are concerned, cats are these adorable little creatures who only eat and sleep. Well, yes that is true, they are indeed the cutest and they love sleeping (literally for more than 18 hours a day) and eating (but they are very picky about it).

However, what these people don’t know is that there is more to cats than them just being super cute. These little curious creatures have so much personality that it might be hard for a person to handle. They are vigilant, active, smart, inventive, they sometimes don’t care about you and pretend like you don’t exist, they might get angry, and above of all, they are extremely moody. If you dare to do something that they don’t like, you better sleep with one eye open that night. You never know when they might just get up and scratch until you bleed. Yep, they can be that scary.

We have gathered some pictures of cats that have had enough and just can’t hide their emotions anymore. Their moodiness is pretty apparent and you’ll see it, too. Scroll down and have a look;

1. “Stop saying I’m cute… I’m EVIL!”

Starting off with the grumpiest cats of all

2. “I will show you the paw-er of the Dark Side.”

Not sure if I should admire this cats amazing outfit or be terrified of that glare…

3. “Don’t pet me! I’m still angry at you.”

ROAR! That’s just an angry blep.

4. Whatever you do,

Don’t look back!

5. I know you’re trying to be angry,

But trust me you look hella cute!!

6. “I want to play with you BOTH!”


7. “I’m watching you, human…”

Better not enter this house, hooman.

8. This computer doesn’t belong to you anymore

Walk away, just… walk away.

9. Look at those teefies

And that angry look! We love it.

10. Oh, human, so you have come.

You may enter, now.

11. I don’t want to mess with this kitten

Don’t know what she might do with these paws

12. Even the walk is angry AF

Why are you in such bad mood kitty?

We know these are supposed to be moody cats but for us they are just cute cats. We don’t know how to control our emotions when it comes to cats and that’s the reality. Why deny it, right? And as for you, if you think this is the end, nope! You must keep scrolling because there are many more to go!

13. “Hey kids, stay off my lawn!”

I’m watching you…

14. How dare you try to pet me

Don’t you lay your hands on me ever again.

15. We are not sure if that’s a yawn or a scream

Whatever it may be, we don’t want to mess with this cat. Just look at those fangs

16. “I’m not mad. Just disappointed.”

HOW FLUFFY IS THIS CAT THOUGH… is that why it’s disappointed?

17. Kids should not touch scissors

It’s not safe. Don’t make me use them on you.

18. This doggo has no idea,

that the cat has many plans for him.

19. “This is my spot, human. Find your own.”

20. “Don’t get too close.”

When you spot a cat outside and you try to get close to it but it gives you this face!

21. Is this the perfect picture or what?

That spotlight is hitting the cat angry face making everything more enhanced.

22. Is that an owl? Is that a cat?

How will we ever know?

23. “Take a shower now? Are you kitten me?”

I must run! Leave this place and never come back


I must fight!!

Even though these cats were angry and moody af, we just can’t help but give them all our love anyway. Whatever they do, we love them. They could keep bugging us, hurting us, leave us hanging but we’d run right back to them whenever they meow at us (at least that’s what we think; that they are meowing for us.)

Do you have a cat with who has an attitude problem? Let us know in the comments section below. Don’t forget to share this with all your cat loving friends and family members!

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