10+ Tweets About Dogs That Are Too Important To Miss Out On

10+ Tweets About Dogs That Are Too Important To Miss Out On

Where are all the dog-lovers at? We have special content to cater your dog needs! We know you love reading about your favorite animal in the world! Why wouldn’t you? Dogs are absolute angels, the light of our eyes and everything more! They are too precious for this world and we were blessed with their creation and existence! We can not imagine a day without our support systems – without them life would have lost its meaning way back and we would be a mess, let’s not kid ourselves! We know as dog-parents you love to read about your babies every now and then! It just makes you smile and appreciate your doggos even more!

So we have come up with a relatable content, where people have shared their experiences with living with these silly creatures! Y’all can relate and feel like a community! A dog-based community! For those of you who do not own dogs, these tweets will help you vicariously enjoy the experience of owning a dog! We are all about sharing the joy and happiness!

So scroll down to give yourself a treat for being a dog-lover or a dog-parent!

1. Shouldn’t have thought that much!

via KeetPotato

Dog names are difficult to keep when you have so many options! But this guys definitely nailed it.

2. We are not mad at this guy for putting his dog in trampoline but we have some questions…

via deadliidev

Look at how adorable this doggo looks!

3. Dogs are too precious! This cutie is an example!

via MelanieWang2

We need doggos like this!

4. Braided tail! We are pleasantly surprised!

via landpsychology

Want to join the next dog-sleepover! Will just sit in the corner and enjoy!

5. In 2020 we just accept the doggo-sneezes!

via Alex_Iosiovich

This tweet is so relatable in these times especially!

6. This dog is so proud of his hooman-parent!


Look at that happiness!

7. Leave it to doggo’s to find the perfect resting places!

via justcutemsgs

The creativity is remarkable!

8. AWW. We find the doggo-hooman interaction too adorable

via juliagalef


9. Doggos are precious and their safety should be a priority! No compromises there

via lyss121

A good dog-itizen!


via svershbow

Why have guns when you can have doggos? Spread love!

11. This doggo likes to scare his hooman!


Too adorable to be scary. Sorry, doggo.

12. The only birthday parties that should happen! Normalize this please!

via granitetide

Happiness in one picture!

13. So you are saying doggos don’t need us anymore?

via jjessicard

*Cries in panic*

14. AWKWARD. Siri must be traumatized!

via thetomska

Siri disassociating itself from Thomas!

15. Doggos hugging each other! This is too WHOLESOME!

via HealingMB

*cries happy tears* we are emotional, not sorry!

16. Obviously Mike was a dog, you don’t have fun encounters with random humans!

via monicaheisey

We are here for such friendly encounters

17. That cat is not happy about hooman’s disloyalty!

via Juliie240

Poor kitty thinks her importance is in danger!

18. This is what ‘being there for each other’ looks like!

via WeLoveDogsUSA

We want such friendship! We jealous!

19. DOG SQUAD! Didn’t think we needed to see this until now!

via galasshoe

Too many dogs? Only better.

20. That’s a scary thought, sweet dog! Work is an evil person after all!

via Reverend_Scott

That’s us panicking about anything and everything!

You might be wrong if you are thinking that you have found all the relatable dog stuff in these few posts! Because this is not it, in this special post we have covered a lot of content just so you can sit back and enjoy forever!

21. If ‘We need to talk’ had a face! Someone is in serious trouble!

via RuinMyWeek

‘You were out of town petting other dogs while I stayed home and waited for you’

22. HAHA! Seems like a new dog-parent! But this guy is too pure!

via squotescomedy

You will learn with time, hooman

23. The dog is ecstatic for it’s parents to be legally bounded for forever (hopefully)

via kpintoledo

This dog a true homie!

24. You never know you can get lucky twice!

via ChrisBramwell

BRB, leaving a pie for this cutie in the bushes!

25. We are glad that what happens at home, stays at home!

via DamienFahey

26. Obviously doggo was part of the whole experience as well!

via elle91

The best yearbook picture award goes to Miss Peanut!

27. We love that they are at least communicating!

via NicCageMatch

It’s okay, doggo will geddit with time!

28. Oops. Shouldn’t lie on the CV now, should we?

via boringenormous

We can forgive this mistake.

29. Now now, who’s the stupid one here?

via squotescomedy

Hoomans are just on their high horse about everything!

30. This doggo looking out for its sheep like!

via juliareinstein

Recommend 10/10.

31. Charleston is such a considerate gentleman!

via jegan__mones

Hoomans, learn something.

32. We love a good sober-dog!

via morgan_murphy

Looks adorable with and without the haircut!

33. What regretting major life decisions look like!

via landpsychology

‘Can we un-do this, please?’

34. Growing old together! A lot can happen in one year!

via Munoz0702

Awwwwwww. Our hearts.

35. Probably the groomer was on meth!

via JoshPit40

We feel so bad for laughing!

36. The happiness on doggo’s face! It’s like his purpose in life was complete!

via DoggoDating

Too cute for words!

37. We already love this love story!

via amanda_c_rae

Guys with dogs>

38. Karen needs to understand it’s an investment!

via GoodZiIIa

Silly Karen!

39. Too precious for words!

via dog_rates

*pats the doggo*

40. Bottle as the tripod is the best thing ever!

via adriana_lowe

Doggo does not like the pubs, huh.

No, this is not the end of the post! Yayyy! We know you got scared for a moment there but no, today is your lucky day as there’s a lot of dog-content! Continue scrolling!

41. Please keep away from such anti dog-ist mindset!

via jackkirby

Let the dog experience their rights!

42. That doggo knows its special! You can tell from the head tilt!

via rubyymaee

These tiny clothes are everything!

43. Tony Stark is that you?

via jimmyriley0

Illuminated heart!

44. All the dog-lover criminals are guilty of this!

via murrman5

You gotta know the name!

45. Woah, Who’s this furry missy?

via sweetestpoms

She looks gangsta!

46. This dog-parent got an eye for things!

via Duck_Sparrow

This is too marvelous!

47. Usain Bolt, who?

via smithsara79

Gotta keep the living room clean

48. Those ears caused hindrance while eating!

via FluffSociety

The most fashionable and chic solution ever!

49. How mean, bank teller! A guy gotta rant about dog’s limitations!

via MattBellassai

*leaves ‘the bank’*

50. It’s always about petting the dogs

via Reverend_Scott

This guy got his priorities right!

51. The things we love hurt us-or in this case almost kill us!

via misterbrilliant

Who can relate with this doggo?

52. Priorities all sorted out!

via smithsara79

Children always come first!

53.  The purest form of love! A dog’s love!

via deeeameddie

A one point he’s like, ‘why you no take me along, hooman?’

54. A naughty food-lover dog! We love!

via shostygirl77

Just don’t steal from our plate. Or maybe do.

55. Joker will make the police proud by the looks of it!

via ChelseaMcFerren

We love a good career-oriented doggo!

56. ‘Why is my hooman getting me out of my new bed?!’

via kittykhajiit

Comfy bed-bag.

57. “You are seriously laughing and tweeting about it, hooman? Bail me out!”

via emmethompsonn

This dog is just disappointed at this generation.

58. You gotta learn some boundaries, doggo!

via hopevista

59. Both look extremely delicious!

via elle91


60. Can’t decide if it’s terrified or too sweet looking?

via _domenica00

The only next seat passengers we appreciate!

Finally we have come to an end! We know for dog-lovers even this much content can seem less because our love is infinite but don’t worry we will have something more fun and exciting for you dog-lovers! Till then enjoy this, comment your hilarious moments with your doggos and engage in this dog-based community we have formed for dog lovers! Because it’s always good to find someone who can relate with all the daily chaos that comes with owning a dog! And lastly, don’t forget to share this with your dog-lovers friends and family!

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