10 Times Cats Were Too Cute To Handle

10 Times Cats Were Too Cute To Handle

Being a cat person, we understand how difficult it can be to explain why exactly we are so madly in love with a creature that is both a loving furr-ball and a little demon that’s planning to kill you at the same time. While dogs are known to be a mans best friend, cats are famous for their bossiness and how they make humans feel (self-loathing kinda feeling.) Sure, there are a lot of sweets cats out there but, we can’t deny that a majority of them are basically spawns of devil. They can be really aggressive, both verbally and physically, however, pet owners can’t really complain now, can they? If their cats scratches them, instead of saying “My cat hates me I am a terrible owner”, you will generally hear cat owners say “Oh my God, look at how my baby shows affection!”

Cats know that they own our space, our house, our food and also our time. You will be cooking, or getting ready for your school or college or for an important meeting and your cat will decide that it’s the right time to ask for attention! Cat owners know that when the cat is in mood, they can expect a lot of cuddles and kisses. But when the cat doesn’t want to be near you, you better keep your hands off the cat or you will be responsible for the consequences that follow.

But, cats really do make our lives better, in many ways. They are like a ray of sunlight in our lives, brightening up our gloomy days! How grateful are we to have these little balls of fur. Not only the cat owners, but also people who don’t own cats but love them are equally happy and appreciative towards felines. Here in this article, we have some cat images for you which will cheer you up! Scroll down and have fun!

1. Old man, is that you?

Via Instagram

Let’s call him a small old human feline.

2. Is that a love mark?

Via reddit.com

Well, it might be, cats have strange ways of showing love

3. Wins the award of smart advertising!

Via Twitter.com

The cat looks really offended though

4. On cloud nine!

via u/alendelonodekolon / ViaΒ reddit.com

Found a purfect spot to take some rest!

5. Pulling it off better than all you girls!

Via Twitter.com

‘How are my new charles and keith heels?’

6. Whut, sem 2 sem?

Via reddit.com

Life mimicking art or art mimicking life?

7. Is this a baby cheetah?

Via reddit.comΒ 

Such a mesmerizing cat!

8. The real thespian!

Doesn’t know how to meow but knows how to steal your heart!

9. Ready for an adventure

This baby is all ready to explore new places with its owner!

10. I would break this alarm clock if it weren’t a cat

Isn’t 4:30 am a little too early for loud music?

Cats are the real owners of hoomans, it’s not the other way around. Like, come on, we all know the only time we are in control is when we have a red laser pointer in our hands. But all this is worth it for those 3 seconds when our cat decides to come and sit on our chest! No? What do you think? Did you find this article entertaining? Would you want to add something? Let us know in the comments section below! Don’t forget to share this with your cat lover friends and family!

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