Hilarious Comics Showing How Cats Owns Your House After 6 Months

To an outsider, someone who has not yet owned a cat or doesn’t really like cats that much, cats may seem like average animals who just eat and sleep. Nothing special about their personalities. However, to someone who owns a cat knows what it’s like to live with them everyday. Not that it’s hard! It’s just tricky.

These little mischievous creatures are anything but ordinary! You’d like to think you know them, and right at that second, they’d do something so surprising that it’ll completely shock you. Plus! We can’t deny how we love getting scratched all the time. Be it shower time or whilst getting their teeth brushed or just while petting them. Please note the sarcasm! But really, except for this, they aren’t really as bad as people make it sound like. It definitely just takes a lot of time to get used to them and what they like and don’t like.

However, there is one person who has actually learnt everything there is to learn about cats. Meowow Park is a Taiwanese artist. He creates illustrations that perfectly depict what it’s like living with a cat! Check it out and see for yourself!

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 1. These little munchkins turn into hulks once they know that they are the real bosses.

 2. Anddd then they turn back into little munchkins again after getting some canned food.

What’s even more interesting about Meowow Park is that he actually doesn’t really have a cat. Yet he has managed to successfully get into the brain of these cats to know what they think. “I do not have one, but I am absolutely sure I will get a cat — or even two! — in the near future,” he said. We hope that time comes real quick. Can’t imagine what wonders he would make once he actually has a cat.

3. When we‘re awake, they’re asleep. When they’re awake, we’re asleep. What a tricky paradox.

 4. We all have a soft spot for these beautiful creatures. Stop denying it.

You must be thinking how he has managed to to understand cat’s too well even though he doesn’t own any? Well, this amazing illustrator chooses to spend his free time with his girlfriend on stray cats! “My girlfriend and I are helping local stray cats. We frequent a park near my apartment where we feed and play with these neglected animals,” he explains.

“We’ve got to know them, and they are very cute. So all of the inspiration for my illustrations come from taking care of them.” Happy to know that these cats motivated him to create such amazing illustrations for us.

5. Who doesn’t love butt massages!

As Meowow Park would like to say; “Adopt. Don’t shop.” And we can’t stress enough on that. These stray cats deserve the world and more.

Here are some people who just couldn’t help but agree with his illustrations.

What did you think? Do you think these are actually true IRL? Could you relate to any of these? Let us know in the comments section below!

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