Dad Took Cat To Groomer & Returns With A “Cat Accordion”

  • By Saif
  • October 26, 2020
  • 5 minutes read

At least once in our lives, we have all had a haircut that didn’t turn out as we expected it to be, right?

But what if that wasn’t the case only with the humans? Well, we are talking about our pets as they have been a victim of a bad haircut as well. Our pets are like our little babies. We take care of all their needs and try to do our best to make them happy. Although we just cannot compete with the amount of love our pets have for us as they would love us unconditionally however, we still try to do our best. When it comes to grooming, we would always want to ensure that our little furballs look all nice and stylish which is why we would take them for a haircut to the barber’s shop.

Now we humans, know the frustration which can be caused due to a wrong haircut and how we would leave the barber’s shop helplessly without being satisfied. For a second, we can let it sink but when it comes to our pets or kids, the frustration gets on another level. To make you understand the level of disappointment the family has to face, we are going to be sharing a real story of a Cat named Oliver, whose haircut went wrong. We suggest you grab some popcorns because this is going to get interesting.

Okay, so Caitlin’s cat Oliver, went for a grooming session with Caitlin’s dad & what happened next is hilarious AF! She took it to Twitter and tweeted a screenshot from the family’s group where they are having a discussion about Oliver’s new haircut.

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She started off with:

And posted a screenshot of her family’s group chat in which Caitlin’s mum is reacting furiously

I’d say her mum’s reaction is absolutely justified. I mean, just look at what they did to the poor kitty 🙁

Let’s take a closer look at Oliver

via Caitlin Christine

Damn, what the hell is that design? What was the barber even thinking? I honestly suspect that Caitlin’s dad has something to do with it too.

Awww, the poor kitty doesn’t even know what happened with him.

via Caitlin Christine

Looks like a broom from the back…lol

via Caitlin Christine

It was her dad’s responsibility to give her a stylish look rather than a cartoonish one. Okay, we get it that barbers do mess up sometimes but this looks very fishy. So, we inquired more on it and the reason it happened is going to make you burst with laughter!

Even though there’s no justification for turning such a beautiful furball into a hilarious looking broom but apparently, Caitlin’s dad wanted to play a joke on her mother. So, he asked the barber to make Oliver look like a Tiger with all the stripes… wait, WHAT!? What was he even thinking…

via ollietheslinkycat

Other than a broom, it seems like Oliver is wearing a furry sweater.

Now to see why Caitlin’s mum’s anger was justified, we decided to take a look at how Oliver looked before and how he looked after the haircut.

There you go…

via ollietheslinkycat

Oh lord, what have you ever done…We bet even Caitlin’s dad must be regretting it.

As expected, we are not the only one who got furious. After going through Caitlin’s tweet and Oliver’s pictures, people on Twitter lost it too.

Maybe but that’s more of a dragon look, no? That still looks a lot better than what they did to Oliver.

via bernaubdette

OMG! This is the most accurate depiction of Oliver’s haircut.

via gabygiban

Of course, how could we ever forget Tom & Jerry while providing references?

via peeman420

We feel you!

via livtower

Ahh, gotta love her humour.

via heyveah

Yep, this reference is justified too.

via llinndyy1

He’s trying at least.

via Carlynapp

And that’s the end of Caitlin’s hilarious story. Caitlin’s dad and the groomer made sure to turn Oliver into anything but a Tiger. Although Caitlin’s family got very amused by the change, however, Caitlin’s mother, couldn’t absorb it, which is completely understandable. So peeps, what did you think of it? Do you have any vision of a thing or an object in your mind which you can relate to Oliver’s haircut? Please share with us into the comments section below.

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