30 Incredible Photos Of Dogs Before And After Adoption

30 Incredible Photos Of Dogs Before And After Adoption

  • By Sara
  • December 27, 2020
  • 7 minutes read

Adoption can change lives.

And I am not just talking about the animal’s life. Yes, adoption is like a miracle for animals out there. Finding a forever home is something every animal dreams of, but only a few get to see that dream come true. However, when someone adopts a pet, it changes the person’s life for good as well. And when you adopt a dog, you are letting a little piece of heaven into your house. Your life is going to change forever. You just added another member to your family. You found a best friend who won’t leave your side till the day they die. The kind of unconditional love a dog can give you is unmatchable. You’re never going to feel alone with your furry friend accompanying you.

A shelter is not a home. Every dog deserves a home. Some dogs are found in really bad health conditions when they are rescued or adopted from shelters. The amount of love and care we give them can easily transform them, and it is all worth it in the end! The r/BeforeNAfterAdoption community will restore your faith in humanity after you see all these incredible doggy transformations before and after adoption. Scroll down below and see for yourself:

1. “Hiya, This Is Rimosa! I Rescued Her Back In June Of 2019. She Had Yeast, Heart Worms, Lots Of Other Infections, Missing Teeth, She Was Missing Most Of Her Hair, And She Had Been Beaten. She’s Fine Now, Top Picture Was The Day I Brought Her Home And The Other Was Last Week. Working On Her Manners Now”


What a beautiful big girl!

2. “This Boy Came To My Partner And I As A Foster Dog, But Within Hours Of Meeting We Knew We Wanted To Keep Him Forever. Introducing Hades, My Big Soft Goofball”


His face in the second picture says it all.

3. “Izzie, Rescued By Muttville Senior Dog Rescue”


Izzie is having the time of her life now.

4. “He Went From Mistreated, Frail And On The Verge Of Death To A Happy Pupper With A Heart Of Gold! Meet Jack”


Happy and healthy!

5. “It’s Been 4 Months Since I Caught Marley And Her Puppies. She Was Living As Part Of A Feral Pack For 13 Months After Being Abandoned, And It Took Me 3 Months To Gain Her Trust. She Seems To Know Everything’s Going To Be Alright Now”


I hope her pups found forever homes too!

6. “Yesterday Was Lupa’s Gotcha Day, This Is The Difference A Year In A Good Home Makes!”


Lupa is smiling in the second photo!

7. “Brodie Was Brought Into The Shelter After His Mom Attacked Him. Now He’s A Qualified Therapy Dog For People With Disabilities”


Brodie is gorgeous.

8. “Our Foster Pup When She Was Found On The Streets As A Sick, Discarded, Breeder Mama And Then A Few Days Ago, Napping Peacefully On Our Bed”


Breeders are the worst kind of people on this planet.

9. “1 Year Update. 100% Team Work!”


Together forever.

10. “Meet Julie. This Is About 6 Weeks Of Progress”


Julie deserves a healthy life.

11. “Charlie Before And After His Adoption”


Just look at that big, bright smile!

12. “The Car Ride Home, She Trembled And Hid Her Face; Now, Her True Personality Shines Through! She’s Silly!”


Derpy baby.

13. “Coco Came To Us Skin And Bones. Fast Forward A Few Months And She’s A Happy, Healthy Pup With A Forever Home To Boot!”


It breaks my heart to see the first photo.

14. “Three Short Weeks And Lots Of Love”


So small!

15. “What A Difference A Month Makes!”


BoredPanda interviewed the team at ASPCA and asked them how to approach a dog before adoption. Kelly DiCicco, the ASPCA Adoptions Promotions Manager, explained that it is a slow process that requires a lot of patience, but it is always worth it in the end. “Do not approach the dog or cat, but allow them to come to you. If the animal begins to show signs of feeling uncomfortable, you should end your session and try again later.”

She explained red flags that can indicate a dog or cat is feeling uncomfortable. “In dogs, this could include ‘whale eyes’—a term used to describe when a dog shows the whites of their eyes—paw lifts, lip licking, yawning, and pacing. In cats, this may include hissing, swatting, and keeping their ears pinned back,” she said.

If the animal feels uncomfortable, just leave them alone for a while and let them have their own space. “People don’t like being forced to interact with someone they’re not comfortable with, and neither do pets! Giving the dog or cat a few of its favorite tasty treats during these sessions can help.”

When you’re at the shelter, ask as many questions as you want. Don’t hesitate. Take your time. Sometimes, the dog chooses you and you end up taking home the most unexpected fur baby. “Every shelter has a unique population of animals and no one knows them like the people who work with them every day. Plus, shelter staff have expertise in making successful matches and can help prospective adopters decide whether an animal is a good personality and lifestyle fit. They also consider a potential adopter’s lifestyle, home environment, and the animal’s potential compatibility with children and other animals in the home in order to make matches that are a good fit,”

16. “This Is Lucy, From Nov 1 To Today. My Amazing Wife Saved Her From The Streets And Disease”


There is something on her chin! Milk, maybe.

17. “PB From The Cat House PH. Unbelievable Transformation”


Poor baby looks in a lot of pain.

18. “Harvey Was Born The Runt Of A 12 Puppy Litter. The First Picture Is His First Day With Us At 3.5 Pounds And Lots Of Health Issues. He’s Now 32 Pounds And Getting Quite Handsome!”


What a unique facial marking.

19. “From A Hoarder House With 100+ Dogs To A Home Of Her Own! I Had Fostered Her Since November And Officially Adopted Her Last Month!”


Chilling on the bed now.

20. “Patron Was Found Discarded In A Trash Bag On The Side Of The Highway At 4 Weeks Old. 8 Weeks Later, He’s A Very Happy Boy And We Couldn’t Love Him More!”


Such a graceful puppy.

21. “My Friend Adopted A Senior Dog That Had Been Shot In The Leg And Left To Die. These Pictures Are A Day Apart”


Whoever shot this dog, I hope they go straight to Hell.

22. “Mary, The Dog Rescued From The Street With A Collar Ingrown To Her Trachea. Before And After In 2 Months”


The cruelty in the world knows no end.

23. “I Adopted My Sweet Girl From A Kill Shelter In Atlanta, Georgia. She’s Living Her Best Life In Halifax, Nova Scotia!”


Comfy and happy.

24. “Wilbur Was Found As A Stray, Missing Hair, Underweight And His Whole Body Was Inflamed Due To Allergies. Two Years Later My Boy Is Happy, Healthy And The Love Of My Life!”


You can tell Wilbur has the zoomies here.

25. “From The Little Girl On Doggy Death Row (Hours From Being Put Down), Too Scared To Come Out Of Her Crate To Eat, To Today. Happy Gotcha Day To Wags!”


Rescued and free.

26. “My Foster Dog’s 2 Month Glow Up”


Now, THIS is what I call a glow up!

27. “Miley, Who Came To Me As A Hospice Foster Dog Since She Wasn’t Expected To Live And We Just Wanted To Make Her Comfortable. This Is Her, A Year And A Half Later!”


Miley really said, “not today.”

28. “How It Started vs. How It’s Going”


The kind of miracles a little love and care can do.

29. “Rescued Peanut 6 Months Ago From An Abusive Home. He Had Fleas Everywhere And Was Very Matted So I Had To Shave Him”


Peanut is such a cute name.

30. “My Foster Dog The Day He Was Rescued From Animal Hoarders, And Today”


Why does this cutie look like a llama in the second picture?

Do you have an adopted dog? Would you like to share your story with us? Comment down below!

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