Cats That Are Aware That They’re A-holes But Don’t Really Care (16 Pics)

Cats cats cats. They’re everywhere. It seems like they’re about to take over the world. Imagine a world full of cats and a few cat lovers and cats just bossing everyone around like it’s nobody’s business. I mean they do that right now, too. Nothing new about that. So maybe, them taking over wouldn’t be all that bad. We could all use that for a change.

Sure, it would be hard to have them boss around to clean and feed them, but these felines are so cute, how could we ever lose our cool? Because let’s be honest for once, there’s nothing other than naughtiness in that brain. They spend all day thinking about their next move and ways to annoy their hooman…and they do a pretty good job at that.

Nevertheless, it is still a charm to see them do their thing. We assume you agree to that which is why you’re here in the first place. Below are some of the times when cats thought they could get away with their naughtiness… and they kinda did. Because again, who are we to stop them? The disrespect that would cause to them is unimaginable. Just scroll down to see the funniest times when these cats did what they had to do.

1. “Heard my husband screaming while in the shower..walked in on this”

They just wanted to play, that’s all…

2. “She looked guilty for a split second, then continued on her rampage”

Ohhh that’s just the face. Never fall for that. NEVER.

3. They could use a helping hand maybe…

As long as the baby’s safe.

4. “Hot off the printer and look who was meowing at the door”

Found before lost? that’s alright.

5. “Cats have always been assholes. 2nd c. CE (Roman) roof tiles found in Normandy, France.”

HOW DARE THEY place that in the cats way.

6. “Nudge chooses the ONE person who is allergic in a room full of people!”

And we’re not surprised.

7. The cat wanted a little snacc…

oh that’s not a problem for this cat right here.

8. “My wife and I are on our way to a wedding in Vermont and we pulled over on the highway to switch drivers and as soon as we got out our cat Diesel stepped on the lock button and locked us out.”

Travelling with your pet doesn’t sound so fun, does it?

We’re equally shocked to see what these four legged creatures are capable of. Although we never underestimated their ability to do anything to anyone, but damn these have been surprising. And the best part is, there’s more! That’s right. Lovely isn’t it?

9. You gotta ask the real master first.

No uninformed visits here.

10. This man knew something was up.


Yeah, the cat was (literally).

11. That is not what guilt looks like…

That’s right, because he’s not guilty.

12. “This is our kitchen. This is not my cat.”

Stranger things?

13. Those muscles…

My cat is an ultimate asshole
byu/lilknotty123 inCatsAreAssholes

Yo, what gym does this cat go to?

14. “So that’s why my kitchen floor is always wet.”

The cat doesn’t follow any rules.

15. “My wife and our cat Olivia are in a constant battle for control of my wife’s pregnancy pillow. Yesterday, the cat won.”

The cat always wins.

16. “friend called me hysterical thinking my cat she was sitting had escaped… a few hours later he reveals himself (from a spot she checked)”

uh-huh, not so fast hun!

My my my, did those cats just walk in and out of house like they owned that place? We’re out of words to describe how we feel about this. Their bossy attitude gets the best of us every single time. But that doesn’t stop us from loving them. In fact, we fall in love over and over again with more love than the previous time. It would be amazing to hear your thoughts about these mischievous cats. Comment down below to let us know and don’t forget to share with your loved one!

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