18 Overly Dramatic Cats And Dogs Who Live For The Drama

18 Overly Dramatic Cats And Dogs Who Live For The Drama

Since you’re here, we know you love animals as much as we do! What’s not to love about Cats and Dogs? These cute four-legged creatures can brighten anyone’s day no matter how bad it’s going. These adorable beings not only warm your heart but are also full of expressions.

Being so expressive, you can expect a lot of drama as well. Cats put on a show with their appearance and are constantly crave attention. They are clever, smart and and can be extremely dramatic when it comes to getting something they want. They are extremely good at what they do. Moreover, even doggos can become dramatic when needed. I mean we kind of already know that dogs are more expressive than cats but when it comes to drama? Oh, some of us haven’t seen anything yet! Factually, doggos being drama queens are actually known as ‘reactive dogs’. They tend to have an overly emotional response to very simple life events. Much like us humans! These cats and dogs, are both extremely great performers, especially when it comes to acting. Their acting skills are outstanding and can come on par with big Hollywood names.

Here are some of the hilarious yet brilliant reactions of cats and dogs that deserve an Oscar for sure. Scroll down and enjoy;

1. “I made him go poop in a rainstorm. When we got inside, he dramatically threw himself into the towel I offered him. He’s been self-wrapped in in for 20 minutes, and he refuses to look at me.”

Via Reddit

Why would you send someone out in the rain?! Especially when you love them so much! Oh human.

2. “The most dramatic cat in all the land. This is what he does when he doesn’t get attention for 5 minutes.”

Via Reddit

Am I not your baby anymore?

3. “Hates being brushed (I promise we’re gentle – she’s very dramatic).”

Via Reddit 

Maybe it just tickles. How can we be so sure?

4. “Never let go Rose, never let go…”

Via Reddit 

Does this thing not know that it’s a cat?

5. My cat cat disapproves of human/dog love… I didn’t even know she could do that face…

Via Reddit 

Oh great! This again.

6. “Our new kitty plays dead in the morning if I pee before feeding him lol. He is very dramatic.”

Via Reddit 

HOW COULD YOU COMMIT SUCH A CRIME HUMAN? My food should be your priority.

We told you these little beings were super dramatic. As if this wasn’t enough, the pictures I mean, we’ve got videos to prove how dramatic they can really get. Be prepared because you are about to see some real overreacting to very little things. Scroll down and check them out.

7. No one loves me anymore…

I guess I should go now… – Django.

8. When you want cookies real bad!

We totally get how you feel!

9. We so badly want to know why this husky is being so dramatic…

Oh, wait for it!

10. Using your cuteness to get away with things

and then adding a little bit of drama as an extra touch

11. Take me back, human!

Tantrum by world’s most dramatic cat. She is not happy with our new apartment. from aww

You need to ask for my permission before doing something like this!

12. I trusted you, human.


my dog is actually so hurt that I didn’t share my lunch with him 💀#fyp #dogsoftiktok #dramaqueen

♬ original sound – Shrad.t

Do not touch me. You don’t deserve my love!

13. This warms our heart!


Believe it or not, I don’t always get what I want #cats #catsoftiktok #petlover

♬ original sound – honey


14. Stop putting me in water…


Eve’s famous for temper tantrums #putbull #eve #dramaqueen #bathtime #elephanthippodog #fospice

♬ original sound – Melissa Andre

I’m gonna drown!

15. Alright, alright, stay calm!


Best performance to avoid nail clippers #dogs #dramaqueen #dramatic #dog #funny #parati #foryou

♬ original sound – 🎬 Nomad Filmmakers 🎬

Nothing is happening. It’s all good… No, no.. NOOOOOO! Not my nails!

We think that’s enough drama for today. Sure, these little babies are cute but there is more to them than just cuteness. We wonder how they would react if something big happens. They would definitely lose their minds, in an adorable way of course.

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