16 Stories About Dogs & Cats That Did Creepily Intelligent Things

  • By Sara
  • May 11, 2021
  • 3 minutes read

Pets can sometimes amaze you with their intelligence.

Animals are more known for being cute and cuddly, not smart or intelligent. When we see an animal, our first instinct is to comment on how adorable they are. Nobody really talks about their capabilities and how smart they are. But you would be surprised to know how clever animals and pets actually are. They pick up patterns and habits really quick. They can memorise paths that lead towards their homes so even if they wander outside, they can come back home. Some of them are smart enough to even trick their owners. We take their intellect for granted but we are reminded of it when they shock us every now and then by pulling some of their tricks.

Reddit user u/OvertOperation asked the Reddit community “What’s the most creepily intelligent thing your pet has ever done?” and got a great response from other Reddit users. Scroll down below to read hilarious stories about creepily intelligent pets:

1. It was a boxer. It is capable of doing it.

2. When your cat fakes taking medication.

3. Just stop studying.

4. Cats really are wise creatures.

5. Trying to guilt-trip the family.

6. I would buy Millie’s art.

7. Who trained who?

Well, this has been hilarious and very entertaining so far. Animals just never fail to surprise us with their unexpected antics. They always have a new trick up their sleeve. But we aren’t complaining at all. We love our pets and their brain capacity is one of the reasons why. If you want to read more of these, scroll down below:

8. You can’t tell me they don’t understand English.

9. Trying to find loopholes.

10. That cat was actually making fun of him.

11. It can either work or it can fail worse than before.

12. She knows her way back home.

13. That snitch! He ratted her out!

14. This reminded me of The Office.

15. This cat knows how to hunt!

16. He just wanted his owner to have his watch back.

Did you enjoy these smarty-pants pets? Has your pet ever done something intelligently surprising? Share your stories with us in the comments below!

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