40 Adorable Dog Pictures That Prove They Are The Purest

40 Adorable Dog Pictures That Prove They Are The Purest

  • By Malaika
  • May 12, 2021
  • 6 minutes read

Dogs are immensely lovable creatures.

No matter how much of a mess they make with their antics, it is very hard to get angry with them. After all, they can melt our hearts in a matter of minutes with their pleading eyes. And while every dog is great, today we are going to pay homage to some of the best dogs in recent years. These dogs take their loyalty a step further by sometimes putting themselves in danger to save their owner.

Dogs typically see their owners as family and their best friends! They grow extremely attached to people in their lives and will remember them even years later. For dogs to live a happy, fulfilling life it is important that their families make sure all their needs are being met, not just the basic ones.

Dogs have emotional needs that can be filled by spending time with you and getting attention. They also have mental and intellectual needs that can be met by going on walks and playing games. It is important to look at your dog as a full creature with a developed mind to meet all its emotional, physical, and health needs. –Best Friends Animal Society

Source: Reddit

#1 He just wanted to help with the proposal, that is all.

#2 The dog looks pretty confused in this image.

#3 If only someone could put humans on a diet.

#4 Change happens every second except some things remain the same.

#5 You don’t know what you are missing until you have one.

#6 Just a little boop on the forehead from the child.

#7 Maybe her thigh is really comfy and he doesn’t like pillows?

#8 Sometimes we just want to take a nap in the morning.

#9 He deserves a lot of appreciation as well.

My best friend helping me graduate last May. He went to every class and internship hour with me. 20/10, highly educated doggo. –DevinsDis

#10 I don’t think he is aware of his size right now.

#11 You can make friends in the unlikeliest of places.

#12 How could they not take picture of the handsome fellow?

#13 This is a new lens that helps you zoom in further.

#14 Just a big boy celebrating his birthday.

#15 A good doggo supporting his owner while he is being hauled into an ambulance.

#16 He looks ready to drink it all.

#17 This picture clearly doesn’t need any explaining.

#18 Some dogs just don’t like to get wet.

#19 When you cuddle with a puppy for the first time in your life.

#20 This is true love right here.

#21 The sleepiness is clear in those eyes.

#22 An adorable doggo asking for treats.

#23 When you don’t want your dog to feel alone after surgery.

#24 A perfect place for a dog to sleep.

#25 I don’t think the dog knows.

#26 When your favorite toy survives your childhood.

#27 This is the only way to cuddle if you ask me.

#28 The vet just gave him a star for being such a good patient.

#29 This is why I always say that dogs are better than humans.

#30 Dogs do deserve the royal treatment.

#31 He is called the wedge as he loves to sit behind his owner on chairs.

#32 ‘What have you done, hooman?’

I was working on my house where I fell and was critically injured. He ran to me and started howling and crying; he tried to drag me and ripped his foot, Oppenheimer. Luckily he got my neighbors attention. I should be dead, but he saved me. – reddit

#33 Wear masks and your dog will love you so much as well.

#34 He was glad to see the dog remembered him.

#35 When you are busy working but always have time for your dog.

#36 That is one happy grin.

#37 He is having a great old time right there.

#38 Adopt, don’t shop.

#39 Such a huge achievement for this little guy!

#40 Growing up with a pet is a beautiful thing.

Do you have any heartwarming stories to share about your dog? If so why not let us know in the comments below.

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