30 Cats Showing Their Adorable Curled Paws

As a cat person myself, I would obviously say that my cat is the most cutest and calmest one ever. I’m also certain all the cat people would vouch for their cats, only. But! We all would have the same things to say about our own cat(s); they are the fluffiest, softest, moodiest, cutest, and the list goes on.

All the cats are beautiful and adorable in their own individual ways. With their big round eyes, button noses, clumsiness, they can easily win over anybody… Well, except dog people. It would be fair to say that cats are, without a doubt, adorable in every possible way. Especially, when you see a tiny cat, with its paws curled inwards, our hearts would definitely melt! Isn’t it the most precious site ever?

Most of the cats don’t actually show their curled paws to everybody. Unless they are comfortable enough with your presence. These lucky people have managed to capture these adorable cats with their paws curled and in their most comfiest moments. I am in love with these cats and I am sure you would be too! So, without waiting any more, prepare to be amazed by their cuteness;

1. Cats happy place.

Yep, being around food isn’t just our favourite spot.

2. This cat seems to have the smoothest fur ever.

This catty seems to be enjoying laying straight on it’s back and feet curled up high.

3. Such a delightful posture!

This picture is a treat for our hearts.

4. Snowball enjoying its beauty sleep.

And soaking up the sun with them curled up paws.

5. I’m still watching you, hooman.

6. What cats look like sitting, from underneath a glass table.

7. When you’re watching your favourite show and an intense scene comes on.

8. This cat has really charming eyes.

9. Mirror mirror on the wall, who is prettiest of’em all?


10. All this cats wants to do is sleep!

Hooman, I know I am adorable, but this is my nap time and I just want to sleep!

11. Cat that looks more like a shrimp.


13. I want someone to look at me the same way this cat is looking at him.

Only love and affection.

14. This dedicated cat who is practicing all the moves even in its sleep.

This is a warrior cat, who is dreaming about it’s classic moves and also implementing the moves in it’s sleep.

15. “What do you mean this position isn’t comfortable?”

16. Just going to silently sit here and observe.

17. Cats loves keeping themselves warm.

However, it’s a really rare occasion for a cat to actually use its cat house.

18. Dreaming about the good times.

Looks like someone is really having a great sleep!

19. This is my “pleaseeeeee, gimme some attention” face.

Keep scrolling down! Maybe your favorite image is yet to come!

20. *blows raspberries*

This weetul naughty kitten

21. Is that a cheetah or a cat?

We’ll never know!

22. Trying to make a heart with them paws.

Also, I’m loving this cats expressions. She is clearly busy judging someone.

23. Hold me like a baby pwease.

24. So, is it time for my food again?

“I don’t need exercise, Body positivity. Now give me whatever it is that you’re eating!”

25. Purr-fect depiction of flexibility.

Such a captivating site!

26. This image shows what true happiness really is!

Most happy looking cat you’ll ever see!

27. This squishy cat.

28. I want to knit mittens for this cute little kitten!

Cuddlesome cat!

29. Cat who knows all your secrets.

30. Waiting for the belly rubs!

Cuteness = Activated.

Weren’t these pictures just too adorable? We would love to know if you had any favorites. Let us know in the comments section below!

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