Mail Delivery Guy Documents How This Cat ‘Guards’ Her Home

Cats, we all know how they are! Sassy, possessive, protective and adorable lil furr-balls! Now, some cats are too lazy to give reaction to anything happening around them. The world would be ending but they will not bother to even glance at what is happening. On the other end of this extreme, are the cats that are too protective about everything! They like to be involved in everything and do not stand invaders or welcome anyone new easily- or ever, at all.

This post is dedicated to the latter type of cats. This cat can not even tolerate someone entering their porch and dropping mails. Yes, this cat has some issues with the mail carrier. It can be that kitty does not like all the mails upsetting its hooman or has self proclaimed itself as the guard of the house. So, this Canadian mail carrier, Debra Anderson documented her encounters with this angry cat as this cat’s house is on her route on Hamilton, Ontario.

The cat always welcomed Anderson with a feisty attitude – hissing at her scarily and scratching the glass window with her nails to show her anger. She jumps up and down in anger for as long as Anderson stays in the house’s porch.

Scroll down to watch this feline being aggressive for yourself!

And as if that wasn’t enough, we’ve got more one more!

People had some things to say about this whole episode.

People thanked the mail carrier for introducing them to this feisty feline and exposed the cat’s intentions of waiting for Anderson everyday!

This woman shared her experience when she helped with a truce between two cats!

We totally agree with this, we need to have our mail protected!

AW. We need a cat to play with us when we shower!

That could be the case! Hooman, get the kitty a sibling!

This kitty is not letting anything come in between her true calling!

The twin of this kitty has been found!

Susan and Lori giving out some real advises

This woman had us till the first part!

We suggest you should consider this theory, Anderson

It takes some energy and time to ‘bonk’


Kitty does not like his hooman to be stressed

No, we all know cats like these. We meant, men* like these. *facepalm*

The cat could be meaning it all this while!

Bow down to this cat!

It’s okay kitty, it is all of us waiting for our favorite package to arrive!

We bet it would have been! Thank goodness for the window!

We loved the feline’s unusual way of welcoming the mail carrier Anderson but what we loved more was what people had to say about the whole incident. Absolutely hilarious! This mail carrier definitely gave people something on a lighter note to deal with the chaotic life! And people were definitely here for it! We love a good conversation surrounding our favorite animal! Comment down below what you thought and share this with your cat-lover friends and family.

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