Evil Cats That Are Planning The End Of The World

Evil Cats That Are Planning The End Of The World

Let’s talk about the worlds most mischievous creatures – Cats! These little floofers are nice but evil at the same time. They’d be the cutest one second and right in the next one, turn around and scratch you real hard. But, we still can’t help loving them with all our hearts.

Today, however, we are not going to talk about cats and their ability to be super cute. We are going to be talking about their bad side. Well, technically it’s not as bad as you must be thinking. Or, maybe, we are just biased. Whatever it may be, we know one thing for sure, even with them being bad little babies, they look adorable AF. Yep, our bias is definitely showing. Oops! And these smart cats know how madly in love we are with them and they don’t fail to take advantage of that. They even take all our love for granted. Don’t understand what we’re talking about? Well, these next few pictures are a proof of how evil these little munchkins can really get. So much so that it’s evident on their face!

Scroll down and see for yourself!

1. How dare you ruin Christmas for me, hooman?

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Do you want this to be your last one?

2. ‘So you won’t get up to feed me?’

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How about you staying asleep for the rest of your life

3. Or maybe, your girlfriends cat doesn’t approve of you

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You need to leave, boy.


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Run before it’s too late!

5. Ninja wants you to trip

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That’s not such a bad plan, to be honest.

6. You better sleep with one eye open tonight.

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“I think my cat is plotting to kill me ”

7. This is what happens when you don’t feed your cats and instead go to sleep.

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“I woke up from a nap once with my cats plotting to kill me….”

We love how these adorable creatures tried their best to be evil. No matter, we still find them 100% super cute. And as for you, this is not the end. Keep scrolling!

8. That is such a weird position to sit in…

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How can this cat even think straight sitting like that?

9. ‘So you go from the right and I’ll take the left’

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They will never be able to guess what hit them

10. ‘Nice meeting you, too’ *evil laugh*

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We’ll see how long you last, newbie.

11. ‘I’ll scratch your whole face and then I’ll.. Oh, she’s looking, act natural’

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Meows in innocence.

12. Here I was thinking I’m your little baby. I’ve been betrayed.

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“i yelled at my cat… and now she’s just sitting there plotting my murder”

13. Bet you can’t see me.

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And bet you won’t see what really hit you


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15. Oh boy, what did you do to hurt him so bad, hooman?

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Better apologize before he ends you.

16. This one just looks straight outta a horror movie

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So, time to leave the house forever, I guess…

I’m just going to sleep with one eye open tonight. Don’t know what my cat might do when I’m asleep. Might even try to bait my way out of it by giving her extra food. Nope, I’m not scared, just saying.. ya know. Can you relate to this as much as I could? Have you ever seen your cat plotting a murder? Let us know in the comments section below. Don’t forget to share this with all your cat lover friends!

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