Moms Who Said "No Dogs Will Live In My House" (14 Tweets)

Moms Who Said “No Dogs Will Live In My House” (14 Tweets)

  • By Saif
  • April 15, 2021
  • 3 minutes read

Ever tried to convince your mum for a dog but she said “no”?

Well, we bet that a lot of us has definitely been into a similar situation where our parents would refuse to have a dog inside the house but the best part is, when we actually get the dog, our parents would get all lovey-dovey with the pupper as if they always wanted one! Double standards! Why would you even try to resist such a cute thing when you know you can’t handle it, right? Anyways, our today’s posts are specifically about mums and how cute they can be with our doggos!

Dogs are one of the cutest species to exist on earth and it’s almost impossible for anyone to resist them! I mean, of course, they can try their best but eventually, after spending some time with them, they have no option other than to give in because that’s how adorable these little puppers are! Anyways, we have collected a few pictures and videos of moms who didn’t want a dog inside their house first but after getting it, they just couldn’t help themselves! It’s truly a treat to watch! Keep scrolling to begin.

1. She tried to resist at first but had to give in.

Via kasserolees

2. “Pupper must be so cold, let me get a sweater for him!”

Via rpantoja07

3. How cute!

Via /jadencasstt

4. Haha moms can be truly unpredictable!

Via karinaB98

5. “Let him sleep in your bed, Kevin!”

Via /Kevviinn___

6. “I didn’t say anything about our laps, did I?”

Via AndyCordova24

We can bet you are having a great laugh, aren’t you? Just look at these mommies who were trying to be all strict but ended up being melted by the cuteness of these adorable little pups! Keep scrolling because we have videos coming up!

7. Every. Mom. Ever!

Via natashalala28

8. Look at the cute pupper!

Via /annak_lara

9. Kids be like, “really, Mom?”

Via fatimamtz01

10. Oh, don’t we just love our moms!?

Via vannesamtz13_

11. Mommy, y u do dis?

Via ferjimenez999

12. Dog be like, “what have I gotten myself into!?”

Via anamelanyavila

Well, you see, how these moms can quickly give in to the cuteness of our puppers! So, if you are planning to have a pupper and your parents are trying to resist, you can always give it a try because chances are, they would just give in! Let us know about your experiences into the comments section below!

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