Adorable Doggo Befriends All The Butterflies That Visit His Garden

Adorable Doggo Befriends All The Butterflies That Visit His Garden

  • By Saif
  • September 19, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

Dogs are the most adorable creatures ever! They are kind, loyal and friendly. Doggos make the best companions for a reason as they are very sensitive to other’s needs around them. That’s why you will find your best friend in them. They are extremely caring and loving – they are nothing less than absolute perfection.

We are going to talk about one such good doggo, who loves to hang out with butterflies! This cutie is absolutely precious! He hangs out with all kinds of butterflies, he a good boy who does not discriminate on the basis of outer looks and loves all butterflies for just being butterflies. He has got a soft corner for these beautiful fragile creatures. And we are absolutely here for this friendship! Colourful butterflies and this golden boy make such a good combination, something we didn’t think we wanted but absolutely needed!

Scroll down to see this golden boy befriending his subject of interest!

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This precious doggo is known by the name Milo Bennett and is an internet sensation with over 25,000 followers following him religiously for all the gorgeous pictures of him spending some quality time with his best friends, the butterflies, and expressing his love fearlessly!

Milo absolutely LOVES the monarchy butterflies. He gets fascinated by it’s intricate yet beautiful composition of the wings. Let’s just say he is a little biased when it comes to these orange-winged butterflies. Apart from this, he loves to help his hooman momma in the kitchen by being there for her. She works while Milo baby stands in the garden accompanying his momma while playing with his friends. Truly a Multi-tasker!

We are jealous of that butterfly booping the doggo’s nose!

His hooman momma, Jennifer Bennett, had this to say about her baby doggo,

“I had a dog before, named Boden, who passed away and Milo is his nephew. Milo is very confident, loves nature, hiking and food. We also breed monarchs, so they are always in the garden, and Milo is very used to having them around.”

Now we know why he has a special place for monarch butterflies!

Milo has a dozen pictures with his best friends, he believes in captivating moments and sharing them with his thousand of followers. Such a kind soul.

Just a casual day for Milo hanging around his best friends! Such a stunner he is! He seems like royalty with his flowers and monarch butterflies crown!

This picture is too beautiful and magical for words!

Even the sun hits Milo differently!

We love a good butterflies and flowers crown on our favorite doggo

Look at those gorgeous eyes!

Such a stunner! Milo should definitely be a model!

We want someone to look at us the way Milo looks at Monarch butterflies!

The appreciation in his eyes is unreal!

Giving his best friend a ride around the garden!

Such a gentleman!

Favourite hobby: Sniffing flowers as monarchs hover around his nose!

We love this up-close shot!

Playing hide and seek with Milo’s eyes, are we?

Adorable babies! Our heart!

Milo with his Hooman momma look too cute to handle!

He definitely knows how to pose!

Have you fallen head over heels in love with Milo? Because we have! We just couldn’t help ourselves! This golden boy is too adorable and precious for our weak hearts to handle! We love everything about this kind-hearted soul from his unique choice in his friends to his stunning poses! Follow Milo on Instagram, he goes by the name ‘Milo-the-toller’. You can thank us later! Share this post with your loved ones to make them fall in love with this adorable doggo!

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