24 Wholesome Pictures Prove That Dogs Are Purely Made Out Of Love

  • By Sara
  • July 31, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

Dogs are really wholesome creatures.

If you’re sad, just spend some time with a dog. I will guarantee you that you will feel better after a little while. They have their ways of cheering us up and making our day. Dogs are always optimistic and they love spreading their positive energy. You can tell how pure they are by their actions. Even the smallest of things make them happy and they start wagging their tails with delight. I aspire to be like a dog. I want to be this carefree in life and I want to reach that level of happiness. Even when they are surrounded by stress, dogs know how to keep their cool and stay joyful.

A study shows that dogs also contain the “love” hormone named oxytocin. Humans have this hormone mainly. It is usually produced through feelings of love and affection. Since dogs also experience this, their wholesomeness is evident by their actions. Scroll down below to see 26 wholesome pictures that prove dogs are purely made out of love:

1. Can’t wait for his best friend to show up.


© iprateek / imgur

2. Let us love you, kitty.

3. “I don’t know you, but I like you!”

© lifeisahobby / imgur

4. Mother and son.

© Myeva_info / reddit

5. This doggo works at airport security.

6. Even dogs adore kittens.

© suki285 / imgur

7. Just dropping by to say hi.

© MaryLyse / imgur

8. Will my buddy be okay?

© HeartBeater / imgur

9. Species don’t matter to dogs.

© Mockith / imgur

10. He looks so happy.


© Unknown / imgur

11. Sleeping will heal you.

© techh101 / imgur

12. Babies are babies.

© 889900 / Pikabu

If you lack joy in your life, adopt a dog. Trust me, you will thank me later. Dogs know how to change the energy of everyone around them as well. They are so full of life that they make people have hope in life. We really don’t deserve dogs. They are too pure for this world.

13. “One of my best friends returned from Afghanistan tonight. This was his dog’s reaction.”

© Unknown / imgur

14. Just reading with my human in the park.

© -eDgAR- / reddit

15. Pizza makes everything better.

© Apendigo80 / reddit

16. Growing up together.

© 1337swagga / pikabu

17. “My 90-year-old mom is really sick. When we brought our dog to visit her at the facility, he threw himself down on top of her to give her all his love.”

© AtkatheEskie / imgur

18. Buddy, don’t cry! I’m here!

© Broccolilovescheese / reddit

19. “How my puppy greets me when I get home from work”

How my puppy greets me when I get home from work from r/aww

20. “You’d better be done soon, Tracy! I have balls to chase!”

© Unknown / imgur

21. Meeting his inspiration.

© ibadullah / imgur

22. That is one caring dog

That is one caring dog from r/MadeMeSmile

23. Fostering his lamb baby.

© Unknown / imgur

24. What kind of puppy is this?!

© ZeroTwitch / imgur

Do you have any precious doggo moments to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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