40 Cute Comics That Show What It Is Like Living With A Dog

  • By Sara
  • February 23, 2021
  • 6 minutes read

Adopting a dog can be life-changing.

It greatly influences the lives of both the dog and also the human. The dog will finally have a place to call its forever home. They will be well-fed and taken care of. The human will now have someone who will love them unconditionally for the rest of their lives. They will have a cute little fur baby to come home to after a long and tiring day. All in all, you will have another reason to live and wake up in the morning. I know when I’m thinking of reasons to keep going, my pets are always on top of the list. Having a dog can be a fun and exciting experience. It will change your life for the better.

Mochi the pug is an extra-ordinarily cute dog that is extremely loved by his mom, Gemma Gené. Gemma is a Spanish artist that lives in New York. She makes comics about her life with Mochi and these comics are the only thing you need to see today. Mochi is featured in his mom’s comics along with his rescued siblings Huey and Duey. Gemma has reached 338k followers on her Instagram account “157ofgemma.”

Scroll down below to see some of her work:

More info: Instagram | Facebook | Youtube | 157OfGemma.com

1. You stalker!

2. Playtime is my favorite time of the day.

3. No one gets left behind.

4. We do not deserve dogs.

5. The pillow belongs to Mochi now.

6. Just checking up on mom.

7. Playing with his friend Ben.

8. Pay attention to me only.

9. I’m such a handsome boy.

10. Too chonky to lift.

11. We’re* going to the bathroom.

12. She has abandoned us!

13. Cuddling with your furbabies after a long day is the best feeling ever.

14. Just look at this cutie!

15. Missing your pet at work.

16. False Alarm.

17. How do you get them to stay still?

18. Mochi can never do wrong.

19. That adorable head tilt!

20. Mommy or Ben?

In an interview with Bored Panda, Gemma shared that when she first started posting her comics, a lot of people could relate to them. “A comment that I get a lot is ‘do you have cameras in my home because my dog does the exact same thing!’” she said.

“As it turns out, what I thought was so unique about Mochi is common in many dogs! We accidentally created a very supportive dog-loving community that has gradually grown over time.” Gemma tries to stay consistent with her comics, working on improving her drawing skills and adding more characters to her comics, “It’s Mochi’s twin chihuahua brothers, the Twinchis, or Mochi’s BFF Ben.”

Gemma used to draw by hand to avoid using screens too much, but now she makes her comics on the computer. “I started adding colors some time ago. I also do animations from time to time, which is very exciting to me.”

The year 2020 brought challenges for Mochi and his mom too. “I work from home, so in that sense, it didn’t really change much. Only when the parks started closing down, Mochi was no longer able to run free and see his friends. Meanwhile, I stopped all the activities I used to do outside the house, but Mochi and the Twinchis loved that.”

21. The wagging tail.

22. Fierce beauty.

23. Make me stop.

24. Home is where the pups are.

25. Ben is back!

26. Heeere’s Mochi!

27. He’s just trying to help out.

28. Pupper train.

29. Make the rain stop.

30. They take all your worries away.

31. Can’t pass without petting.

32. My mom only.

33. My mom is my sun.

34. Making your bed can be really difficult with a dog around.

35. Happiest when we are together.

36.  He’s a mommy’s boy.

37. This is their bed.

38. Mochi has all the skills he needs.

39. Life with a dog is beautiful.

40. Protecting my mom.

Do you have a dog? Could you relate to these comics? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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