18 Dogs Before-After Adoption Photos That Show Why Adopting Is So Important

18 Dogs Before-After Adoption Photos That Show Why Adopting Is So Important

This world is a difficult place to live in. Especially for the voiceless! Just because they can’t speak, they are mistreated and abandoned. Most of the time, these voiceless beings end up at the shelter in such a bad condition that it’s hard to look at without tearing up. And unfortunately, an animal cannot spend their entire lives in the shelter. They deserve to be with a family that will love them till the end of times.

Luckily, many, if not all, of them get adopted and find their furr-ever homes. Their happy journey and transformation is evident from the pictures we are about to show you. From malnourished, sad, and injured, they are now happy, healthy and living the life they always should’ve. It’s obviously not an easy task for a person to take responsibility for another being and completely turn their lives around, but these people have done such a wonderful job that we feel the need to write an article that is dedicated to just them!

These pictures aren’t just going to make you smile, in fact, they will make you want to spread the love even more! Scroll down to know what we’re talking about.

1. You see the difference? That’s what we are talking about.

Via frankthedoggotank 

He seem so happy!

2. Wow. The difference is unreal! Is it really the same dog?

Via Coolmorecooties

That’s what proper grooming and love does to you.

3. Awww… that face just broke my heart.

Via thecoiner

But made me feel better in the other picture!

4. I just feel like hugging him right out of the picture!

Via besidethebed

This picture speaks a thousand words, indeed.

5. He seems so done with his life…

But in the second picture, he’s ready to face everything now!

6. Do you see how skinny he is because he isn’t being fed?

Via phil2146

But a good hooman adopted him, gave him love and lots of food too.

7. Wow… this seemed to be scary at first but that’s just depressing to watch.

Via Klaudija Sigurnjak

He’s the cutest thing I’ve seen today.

8. Haha this one’s definitely going to be my favourite.

Via RecurrentlyDisturb

A true depiction of “partner in crime”

9. Someone please take her on a walk!!!

Via imostlyobserve

See the happiness!

Nope, we’re not crying. You’re crying. These transformations are just so wholesome, we could not control ourselves. To see a smile on these doggos’ face is all that we needed today, isn’t it? Fortunately, we’ve got more! Keep scrolling for more of these adorable happy faces.

10. He’s crying…ugh

Via effexxor

I’m glad to see the second picture!

11. Who even take these pictures?

I’m talking about the sad one’s. Like, they are so heartbreaking but the after pictures fills the hole!

12. It’s incredible how some love and kindness can change something…

Via shmandala

Such an adorable little boy he is!

13. He’s tired of being by himself

Via meriah_j

In the second picture, he is having the time of his life!

14. Do you see how sad are those eyes?

Via mwisni

But do you see the happiness on that face after being fed some love and affection?

15. Noway… these are definitely two different dogs!

Via TrioAnimalFoundation

The transformation is truly amazing!

16. Damn… another one of the most finest transformations.

Via missblueyouwho

Kudos to that hooman!

17. What….

Via BittersweetSymphony

I can’t even believe what I am seeing.

18. Restless at first.

Via Echo_hello_world

Peace, at last!

Is this what happiness is like? Smiling from ear to ear? We love how happy and relaxed these doggos are in their new furr-ever homes. We urge everyone who can, to visit the nearest shelter and adopt yourself a wonderful little, or big, companion that you could spend the rest of your life with. Just remember, Adopt! Don’t Shop!

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