These Cats Are Messy Eaters & Have No Table Etiquette

These Cats Are Messy Eaters & Have No Table Etiquette

  • By Saif
  • 1 month ago
  • 5 minutes read

You thought you’re the only one who likes to make a mess while eating your favourite food?

Well, you are going to be happy to know that it isn’t just you. So, you can tell your moms that cats eat like this too and you are a cat. Wait, no. You can’t be as adorable as them so you might still get in trouble. Let’s just drop that idea. However, moving on, cats are not just moody, they are pretty choosy as well when it comes to eating. They won’t eat anything that’s not fresh or if they spot any dirt in it, yep, they are not even going to go near that food. It sounds like cats are really sophisticated creatures but that changes when they eat their favourite foods.

They can make such a mess that it would take ages for you to clean it up. If you are lucky enough, you would just have to clean their mouth otherwise if they go wild over the food, it’s going to be all over your floor, too. For instance, a few days back I gave a few cookies to my cat in his favourite bowl and well, after a little while, the cookies were all over the floor and my cat wasn’t just eating them, she was being gaga all over them. And the worst part? I just had my room cleaned a while ago.

So, if you think that cats love staying clean and they would have decent eating habits too, you are wrong! The people who have cats in their house would approve of it and for the people who are just about to find out, well, we feel sorry for you.

1. Do you see that? That’s exactly what my cat did just after I cleaned my room.

“So, what? I am the boss and this is my house. I do whatever I want to, hooman”

2. He’s trying to figure out, how do I put them back.

“Ugh, what have I done?”

3. Someone loves eating a cake. And getting all messy too.

“Do I not look cute, hooman?”

4. Is he sad or hypnotized by his favourite food? Can’t really tell.

“Ahh, I love the taste of it!”

5. Awww. Someone just fell asleep.

“No, I’m awake. Just don’t want anyone to see what I have done to my face”

6. When you try to act all sophisticated.

“How does my goatee look?”

7. Cats eat watermelon too? Damn.

“Watermelons can be used as a lipstick too, hooman”

8. When you are caught in trouble and your little sibling enjoys it.

“But mom, you said I could eat it after the guests leave?”

9. Someone’s trying to hide their true identity by applying yoghurt all over the face.

“Do you still recognize me, hooman?”

10. Ah, cats and their love for Whiskas.

“What are you staring at? I just love eating them and it’s my favourite flavour. So, don’t judge”

11. Did you choke yourself on food?

“Ugh, that was delicious. I want to eat more but don’t really have that energy.”

We know that you are enjoying every bit of it. But lowkey, you must be like, damn, I’m glad my cat isn’t the only one who likes to do these things. And above all, you are certainly not the only one who has to clean the house right after you cleaned every spot of the house. Oh well, there’s a lot more which you are going to enjoy. Keep scrolling.

12. Seems like she has been fed with her favourite food.

“I feel high on my favourite food.

13. When you wake up and start eating right away.

“I am just trying to wash my face”

14. Nope, we won’t be asking any questions from you, angry boy.

“What are you looking at? Clean me.”

15. When your mum catches you with the food that you were not allowed to eat.

“But but, I didn’t eat it completely. There’s still some left”

16. OMG, look at those paws!

“I can do anything because I’m too cute”

17. Awww… little kitty looks scared. Probably scared of getting caught.

“What have I done? Why do I do this? Will I be punished this time?”

18. Oh, is this the famous grumpy cat?

“Hell yeah I am, son.”

19. With that face? I am gonna have to let you go.

” I knew hooman would fall for it.”

20. Did you guys notice the hairstyle? Well…

“I don’t usually eat cakes, but when I do, I make sure I get all messy”

21. Yep, he definitely loves that cake!

“Hooman, nooooo! What are you doing? Don’t separate me from my cake!”

So, you see? What did we tell you about cats and their poor table etiquettes? It can be annoying when the food is being spilt all over the floor but in most of the cases, they look adorable and cute AF. I mean, how can we resist those cute dirty faces? What did you think of it and which one did you find the cutest? Let us know into the comments section below!


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