33 Ginger Cat Posts That Prove They Are The Cutest Oranges Ever

This one is for all you cat lovers out there, you’re all going to love this and (we’re hoping) us, too. If you own a cat, you already know how wonderful, cute, and adorable they are. However, for those of you who don’t, we’ve got your back.

Let us bless you with some silly, adorable orange furr-balls today! We are sure cat lovers do not discriminate their love for cats based on breeds be it tuxedo, Black Cats, long-haired cats, short-haired cats, rag-doll, and all the other mixed breeds, you name it – we’re head over heels for them. This article is however, based on a specific type of cat that we just couldn’t resist sharing with y’all. If you love cats, cuteness, memes, and the color orange, you’re going to love this. And if in case you do not, give us a chance to change your mind.

We don’t want to keep you waiting, here are are those cute orange furr-babies we were talking about. No wait, they aren’t just cute, they unbelievably adorable and extremely silly. Check it out and be the judge yourself.

1. Who knew green, lavender and orange would look so good together!

Via Cutesy Pooh

This orange furr-ball represents all of us when we smell lavender.

2. This orange kitty does not like double standards

Via liveabout

‘Why are hoomans so judgemnental?’ – Cat

3. This adorable baby kitty should be charged for making our hearts stop!

Via Cutesy Pooh

*hearts melt*

4. Kitty knows self-care comes first!

Via Cutesy Pooh

Need to be as chill as this cat.

5. Hide the truth from this precious baby at all costs!

Via One Scratchy Cat

What denial looks like

6. We stan this kitty!

Via Know Your Meme

If attitude could kill, we’d be gone by now.

7. We accept sulking if it is that adorable

Via Cutesy Pooh

How do we get this box with the cat delivered to us?

8. Have this hooman arrested for being so cat-insensitive!

Via Xxelli18

Hoomans are so heartless!

9. We need washroom-partners like this!

Via Cutesy Pooh

This kind of clinginess is acceptable.

10. Oranges never looked this yummy!

Via Humor and Memes

It is suddenly our favorite fruit!

11. The happiness!

Via Cutesy Pooh

12. This orange baby represents all of us. every morning!

Via welovecatsandkittens

We get you kitty

13. Can we hire these hunters?

Via Cutesy Pooh

I mean… he is kind of getting the job done, in his own way.

14. Our faces need those kisses, please!

Via Orange Tabby Cats

15. Hoomans are the cruelest!

Via Cutesy Pooh

We would buy this kitty a dozen Dairy Queens.

These ginger cats are too purr-fect, aren’t they? The floofballs are not failing to put a smile on our faces! No, this is not the end! We have A LOT more cuteness in stock for you to enjoy and make your hearts melt!

16. Why can’t hoomans cat-pathize with us?!

Via I Can Has Cheezburger

Just let him in!

17. These Sherlock Holmes cats are very serious about their business!

Via Cutesy Pooh

Some one give us the contact information of these awesome detectives.

18. These cats are very protective about their mom!

Via Getsokt

Gary should take the cue before he regrets it!

19. Our hearts are just melted at this heartwarming sight!

Via Pinterest

Awww! Brb finding my own mommy to cuddle.

20. This kitty has a granny’s soul in it!

Via Cutesy Pooh

We would love to have this sight every morning!

21. Orange cats are the new plants!

Via astrologymemes

22. James is a precious baby!

Via Cutesy Pooh

We need to hold this baby in our arms!

23. This dad deserves an award for not discriminating between his babies!

Via @averagediana

Low key wishing I was that 5 dollar bill.

24. These surprises are the best ones!

Via Cutesy Pooh

Can we babysit them, please?

25. Our whole life has been a lie?

Via Meme Guy

26. We need these fur balls to bless our eyes!

Via Cutesy Pooh

Isn’t that the most adorable paw?

27. That cat’s handwriting is the best, ever! Don’t argue with us ,okay?

Via DailyLolPics

We love academic cats!

28. We would invade our cat’s sleep with kisses if it slept like this!

Via TopixPawsome

one word: WHOLESOME

29. ‘I was told to scatter my hair everywhere so everyone knows who the real owner is’

Via Wanna-Joke

Ehhh, we don’t mind anyway.

30. This orange baby has seen too much!

Via Know Your Meme

No wonder why she keeps judging us.

31. We love a good emotional support!

Via me.me

That’s why cats are the best!

32. This cat knows how to spread love!

Via DailyLolPics

Can we have this kinda love please?

33. Getting love from someone else’s cat? ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED.

Via DailyLolPics

Look at those loving eyes and the determination!

We did not mean to love one kind of cat this much! But we are guilty of loving these ginger cats a little too much after this post! It’s okay if you feel the same way, some cats just possess a larger part of our hearts! Don’t beat yourself over this. As we said, we don’t discriminate in our love for cats. All cat are our lil babies and we love all of them! But we are allowed to love these ginger babies a lil too much for the sake of this post. Introduce these silly precious ginger babies to your family and friends to make them fall in love! Or just to make them smile, we all need a smile in these times! So, share away and let us know which of these was your favorite in the comments section below!

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