Hilarious Dog Snapchats For A Ruff Day (25 New Pics)

CONGRATULATIONS! You have landed yourself on the right page at the right time. There could be nothing better than this that could fix your rough day… or should we say RUFF day. Alright, alright, I’ll cut back on the puns. We love doggos. Maybe more so than anything else. Their energy is enough to take away all the stress and fatigue of a tiresome day. One lick from your doggo and bam! There goes all the stress and worries out the window. Seems easy, doesn’t it?

There’s no shame in having a stressful day. Every now and then we all go through this. But now it’s time for you to turn that frown upside down because what you’re about to witness are some of the cutest, happiest, and the funniest dogs on the internet to get you all excited about your day just as they are. Fair warning, you’re about to witness extreme cuteness. Brace yourselves!

1. Uh-huh! Can’t say no to that smile.

We’re looking & we absolutely ADORE it.

2. Help us find our furry friend, Will ya?

Our most favorite plant from the bush so far.

3. Silly Dog!

That smile is a winner!

4. Pretty satisfied with the lunch huh?

Even we wouldn’t mind that lunch, dog, or both.

5. Three pups in a row couldn’t get any cuter than this.

Never turn down those puppy eyes.

6.Watch out everyone…

Ain’t no gate gonna stop this dog from greeting strangers.

7. Those eyes, those damn eyes!

Ok so, when do we move in?

8. Now, would you mind exploring the world with this dude?

Mutual feelings with the COVID-19 situation.

9. Just look how adorable she is.

Are we going to ignore the fact that she looks super comfortable…?

10. We’ve all been through this once in our life.

So who’s calling the salon first?

11. Would you look at that face?

With that cuteness, we might just need her to give us swimming lessons.

12. Meet Callie the not-done-with-swimming-yet dog.

In this weather Callie, Same.

13. ‘Are there going to be other dogs as well, Mom?’

A Golden Retriever this cute is likely to keep the kids engaged at the park.

14. Oops, someone took the Mom seat again!

‘Damn right hooman! I DID’ – This dog.

15. This fluff ball is all we need.

And all he needed was love.

Yup, keep scrolling. We’re not done yet.

16. If ‘relaxation’ had a face.

He’s sleeping like it’s nobody’s business.

17. ‘So you’re telling me I’m older than I look?’

We don’t mind as long as you remain this adorable.

18. In case you’re wondering…

NOPE. Nothing’s wrong.

19. ‘Every crumb you bake; every bite you take… I’ll do it too.’

Now who wouldn’t you let this doggo have their lemon cake??

20. A big round of Appaws for this one right here.

We’ve never seen someone this excited for school.

21. ‘We’ve got each other’s back’.

This image has touched our hearts deeply. Has it touched yours?

22. And the most poise award goes to… Miles.

You really deserved it bud!

23. ‘Isn’t she lovely…’

That’s right, we wanna cuddle with it too.

24. Straight outta modeling agency…

They make us want to move to Korea and own them.

25. Last but not least, A treat for your eyes.

Just look at how happy the Mother is to have her puppies in this world.

If you’re reading this, it is likely that you’ve made it through all the 25 moments of the dogs that we have gathered to cheer you up. But what we really hope is that these dogs were successful in putting a smile on your face just as they did on ours. Animals can not only love others but also spread joy by just existing. And for dog lovers like us, we think dogs can help elevate any mood of ours in the most surprising way pawssible! Let us know what you thought in the comments section below!

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