A Dog, 8 Birds And A Hamster Are Best Friends And Absolute Squad Goals

We all love interspecies friendships. Especially all the animal lovers. They are not opposed to the idea of keeping two different types of pet and they know they could make those different species be friends with each other. We know about the common interspecies friendships like dog and cat however, we don’t think we’ve ever heard of a dog, birds, and hamster all together. Sounds a bit too much but believe me! They actually exist.

Dogs are usually more friendlier than other animals. They also get along with everybody and just want to spread lots of love. Bob the golden retriever is also amongst those dogs. This beautiful doggo has successfully managed to befriend eight exotic birds and a very cute little hamster, and obviously the human. They all live together in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This hooman owner certainly did an amazing job at raising all the babies to be extremely friendly with one another.

Lucky for us, this owner has also captured wonderful pictures of the group together, for us to enjoy and love. They even have an instagram where all their adventurous pictures are stored. These amazing friendship group has a lot of fans as well. And we’re pretty sure, after looking at all these pictures, you will also become a fan of them. Check out and see for yourself!

More info: Facebook | Instagram

1. The look of love

2. Just gonna look at you while you sleep, Bob

3. Don’t tell him your secrets!

4. I can’t see but I think there’s something on my nose! – Bob

5. The same pose.

6. Alright, time to sleep.

7. Ahhh yes! Seems like a very comfy position.

 8. They made a fort out of a dog.

 9. The big baby

 10. Dog-father

 11. A happy family

BONUS: Look at this big doggo just keeping a keen eye on the birdies and the hamster. True love!

What a cute little family! Some of these were just way too adorable for us not to love. Our hearts melted! We can’t get over how they all love each other so much. It’s pretty evident!

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