6 Chonky Cat Breeds That You Will Instantly Fall In Love With

  • By Hashir
  • May 29, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

Let’s be real. We all love chonky cats.

There’s something oddly satisfying about big cats that just instantly makes you fall in love with them. No doubt, all cats are cool and every one of them is unique, but these big cats have their own charm. They are not your average pets, they look intimidating and lovely both at the same time. They have above-average intelligence and are overall just amazing to have around.

Now, when we talk about big cats, we don’t mean cougar or jaguar; we mean semi-wild and semi-domestic cats that also make great pets. The following is a complete list of such big cats who you can actually keep at home!

Scroll on below and see your options!

Savannah Cats.

Savannah cats are unlike your regular cats. These majestic looking felines came into existence when a wild serval was crossed with a domestic siamese cat. The first-ever cat that was born a result of this cross was named Savannah. That’s where the breed got its name.

Savannah cats have very sharp features. The spotted markings on their golden coat, their pointy ears and strong body easily make them stand out.

As they are half-wild, they are highly energetic, intelligent, love water and are excellent jumpers. They can jump up to eight feet in the air. Since they also have the traits of that of a domestic cat, they have a calm temperament. They are playful and friendly which makes them a great choice to keep as pets.

Norwegian Forest ​​​​​​​Cat.

Norwegian Forest ​​​​​​​Cats are also known as the Warrior Cats. These cats are largely known for their tree-climbing skills. If you have ever seen a cat run down a tree headfirst, it was probably a Norwegian forest cat. As their name suggests, these cats are quite popular in Europe. They’re often called “wegies” which is short for Norwegians.

These cats can easily survive harsh cold temperatures as they have a built-in heating system. They have a long, thick, double-layered coat along with tufted ears and toes. All of this protects them in cold-winter.

P.s They are really big catslarger than mostweighing around 13-22 pounds.

Maine Coon.

They are very closely related to Norwegian Forest Cats. The two resemble so much that people often confuse them both. Maine Coons are massive cats weighing anything between 10 to 16 lbs male and 7 to 11 lbs female. They are loved all across the US and particularly in the state…you guessed itMaine. In 1985, the Maine Coon was made the official state cat of Maine.

These big furballs are very interactive and friendly in nature. They love water and are great swimmers. They also held the world record for being the longest cats.

Siberian Cats.

As the name suggests, these are Russian cats. They are big in size and can have 8 to 17 pounds of weight. They are very social and playful cats. They are mainly known for their hypoallergenic nature. They have very few allergens in their fur and saliva which makes them excellent domestic cats. Especially, for people who love cats but are allergic to pets, Siberian cats are a perfect choice.

Van Cats.

The Turkish Van Cats aka The Swimming Cats. These cats are most prominently known for their affinity for water and their incredible swimming skills. Owners of Van cats claim that they find their cats playing with water, jumping into bathtubs and much more. It’s like these cats are descendants of Poseidon or something.

Their thick and water-repellent coat makes it easier for them to move around in the water. Maybe it was to aid these cats to hunt for fish near the Lake Van. Then again, not sure why exactly they have so much love for the water.


These are some of the most massive cats ever. Not only are they fluffy, but they can also weigh up to 24 pounds! They are known for their dog-like personality. Extremely loyal to their families. They have a quiet and calm nature and for some reason, they mature very slowly. It takes them about four years to fully grow into an adult cat.

Another thing that makes them special is their above-average lifespan of 15-20 years.

Bonus: The largest cat in New York is the 8ft-long Samson!

Samson is a Maine Coon that weighs 28 pounds and has an overall length of 8 feet. As you can see, this isn’t you ordinary Maine Coon. Though it’s really fluffy and absolutely fun to play with, it eats a lot more than you expect.

Now, which one of these chonky boi’s is your favourite? Let us know in the comments below.

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