20 Celebrities Whose Love For Dogs Has No Limits

  • By Saif
  • April 17, 2021
  • 4 minutes read

What if we told you that some of your favourite celebrities are dog lovers!?

First of all, we’d like to apologize to our cat lovers because they might get jealous after watching how some of these very famous celebrities preferred to have puppers! Of course, it’s a matter of choice and we love both of them! However, it is an undeniable fact that our love for these celebrities just doubles up when we see them posting pictures of their pets and how much they love them!

Apart from that, have you ever wondered what type of dog would Aquaman, who’s none other than Jason Momoa, of course, has or our favourite, Captain America, who happens to be Chris Evans, would have? Today, we have gathered up 20 pictures of famous celebrities posing with their adorable puppers and it’s going to leave you in awe! So, are you ready to see what kind of dogs these celebrities have? Start scrolling down;

1. Remember this hunk? Arnold Schwarzenegger with his pupper!

© schwarzenegger / instagram

2. The talented, Billie Eilish, with her adorable doggo!

© Miami-Dade Animal Services / Facebook

3. Recognize her? The beautiful Charlize Theron posing with her dog!

© charlizeafrica / instagram

4. Who do we have here? Captain America! Chris Evans, cuddling his dog!

© chrisevans / instagram

5. Gisele Bündchen enjoying with her cute puppers!

© gisele / instagram

6. Ian Somerhalder and his dog! Gosh, those mesmerizing eyes!

© iansomerhalder / instagram

7. The Aquaman, Jason Momoa, with his dogs!

© prideofgypsies / instagram

8. Feel old yet? Jennifer Aniston, famous for her role in “Friends”, posing with her cute dog!

© jenniferaniston / instagram

9. 21 jump street fans, where you at? Here’s Jonah Hill for you, posing with his dog!

© jonahhill / instagram

10. Lana Condor loves her pupper!

© lanacondor / instagram

We bet you are enjoying watching your favorite celebrities posing with their adorable and cute puppers! Don’t worry, it doesn’t end here because we have more celebrities coming up ahead. Keep scrollin’ until the end!

11. Lewis Hamilton chillin’ with his dog! How adorable!

© lewishamilton / instagram

12. Lili Reinhart has the cutest dogs!

© lilireinhart / instagram

13. Oh my, not sure whether we should admire Nicole Kidman or her cute dog!

© nicolekidman / instagram

14. Orlando Bloom with his cute puppers!

© orlandobloom / instagram

15. Patrick Stewart having a good time with his dog!

© sirpatstew / instagram

16. Nick Jonas & Priyank Chopra spending time with their pups!

© priyankachopra / instagram

17. Zendaya and her dog!

© zendaya / instagram

18. Dua Lipa taking a nap with her pupper!

© dualipa / instagram

19. Amanda Seyfried enjoying the hike with her cute floofball!


20. Chrissy Teigen with her two little babies!


Ah, we have finally reached the end of the post and we hope that you enjoyed every bit of it! Also, these celebrities just got more attractive for us after posing with their cute little companions! Let us know whose pupper did you like the most, in the comments section below!

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