50 Dads Who Said “We Can’t Keep The Dog” But Now Can’t Live Without Them

50 Dads Who Said “We Can’t Keep The Dog” But Now Can’t Live Without Them

  • By Hashir
  • July 3, 2020
  • 9 minutes read

Keeping a pet is a full-time job. A lot of attention, time and of course plenty of love is required. While we understand the responsibilities that come with keeping pets, our kids don’t and we can’t always say no to them. So, when they demand a cute little puppy for Christmas we have to consider a lot of different factors. First thing’s first, we gotta make sure if we can afford one. Then, we see if our building or apartment allows pets. Lastly, we have to make sure whether all the family members are okay with keeping pets. In most cases, everyone is fine with pets except the dads. Kids have to walk an extra mile to make dads change their mind and eventually they do succeed. But dads still refuse to accept them.

No matter how big and tough a person is, an adorable puppy will always melt anyone’s heart. One can not resist their cute face and silly actions that demand nothing more than love. No matter how much they deny it, they secretly love the little puppers. That’s exactly how dads are around dogs. They don’t want the “damn dog” in the house, but at the same time, they want to nap with their child’s little four-legged buddy. We found 50 photos of dads who couldn’t stand dogs at first, but ended up being their best friends. Scroll down to see the heartwarming photos and touching stories.

#1 Spending some quality time together.

Credits: _ALFox

” So My Dad Always Reminds Me That My Dog Is Nothing To Do With Him, That’s Hard To Believe”

#2 It’s playtime!

Credits: jherp5

“To Everyone Who Knew How Much My Dad Didn’t Want A Puppy. Here He Is Just Having A Ball”

#3 “It’s okay little buddy, you can nap on my chest.”

Credits: Realpe10

“What My Dad Sends Me When I’m At Work. I Thought He Didn’t Want A Dog”

#4 This dad has an uncanny resemblance to Simon Cowell.

Credits: jenjambam

“This Is So Funny To Me Bc My Dad Didn’t Want The Dog But Now They Love Each Other”

#5 Well, it’s clearly not dad’s fault. The puppies are adorable.

Credits: whosgotdajuice

“My Dad Didn’t Want These “damn Dogs” Either”

#6 He’s picked the rug up by mistake…

Credits: Kberciles

“For Someone Who “Doesn’t Like Dogs”, I Found My Dad Picking Up And Hugging My Dog Like This”

#7  Furbabies get all the love!

Credits: xSnugglefuzz

“My Dad Didn’t Even Want A Dog And Now I Think He Loves Her More Than Me”

#8 Tummy rubs for this little guy.

Credits: typicalexis

“My Dad Didn’t Want A Dog”

#9 Looks like a good day at the park.


“I Don’t Want A Big Dog!” “That Dog Is Not Coming In The House!” “That Dog Better Not Get In Our Bed!”

#10 “Daddy is asleep. Do not disturb.”

Credits: micelikenzie_17

“My Dad Swore He Wanted Nothing To Do With This Dog. Came Down Stairs To This Last Night”

Dads go from saying ‘no dog would enter the house’ to ‘who’s the good boy?!’ Dogs have conquered us in many ways. Undoubtedly, they are charming and no one can escape that charm. Eventually, we have to surrender. This is just what happened with all these dads. Here’s what people think about the above photo:

“Well, seriously, who could resist that adorable little pup?” ~ The Laugh Fan

“omg so cute!!” ~ Louise Bastien

#11 Cogi and dad have pretty much the same expression.

Credits: babbitly

“My Dad Claims He Doesn’t Like Dogs Occasionally. Okay Dad Whatever You Say”

#12 Shh! Both are fast asleep.

Credits: coughloop

“My Dad Didn’t Even Want A Dog And Now Look”

#13 “How was your day pup?”

Credits: Abs_lynn

Dad: “I Don’t Want A Dog”

#14 Dalmatian certainly looks very comfy.

Credits: katiebonsall

“And This Is My Dad… The Man That Didn’t Want A Dog”

#15 This simply makes us wanna take a nap.

Credits: kootenayguy

“I Don’t Need A Dog!”, My Dad Said. Now: Best Buddies Napping Together

#16 Aww, look at that sleepy face!

Credits: EllieSlings

“My Dad Didn’t Want A Dog, He Has Stood Holding Harley For Almost Half An Hour Whilst He Sleeps”

#17 Doggo seems to be complaining about something.

Credits: marebear0

“And To Think My Father Didn’t Want A Dog”

#18 That’s a beautiful picture.

Credits: Kendallsanu

“My Dad Would Never Admit How Much He Loves Our Old Dog. But After Finding This Picture On His Phone, He Doesn’t Have To”

#19 This is one happy picture.

Credits: _TheRealTHill

“When My Dad Said He Didn’t Want A Dog But Really..”

#20 Everyone is a dog person when they find the right one.

Credits:  JuliaHass

“My Dad “Not A Dog Person” And Ella “Doesn’t Count As A Dog”

#21 He needed Grace as much as Grace needed him. Much love.

Credits: more_milky

“After 3 Years Of Saying He Would Never Get Another Dog. Meet My Dad’s Rescue Pup Grace”

#22 That gorgeous dog looks so happy!

Credits: leahh_

“Dad Tries To Say He Doesn’t Like The Dogs… I Come Downstairs To This”

#23 Pug: “Don’t you dare bother dad reading his newspaper, I’m watching you.”

Credits: ajaxwhat

“When I Moved Home A Year Ago, My Dad Said He Didn’t Want A Dog Because They Were Messy And Would Destroy The House. Now These Two Are Besties”

#24 Labs do it every time… And they are on his bed!!

Credits: kelsi_mack

“When Your Dad Tries To Act Like He Doesn’t Like Your Dogs Because He Thinks They Smell, But Then Your Mom Sends You These Pics”

#25 Looks like they’re watching sunday night football.

Credits: Bridget_Happens

“My Dad Is The One Who Didn’t Want Me To Get Another Dog In The First Place”

#26 His little one.

Credits: Alex_G_uerrero

“My Dad Always Said He Didn’t Want A Small Dog. He Just Gave Her A Bath And Loves Life”

#27 Once you’ve shared your life with a dog, life without one is empty.

Credits: carly_horse

“After Having To Put Down Our Dog Of 14 Years, My Dad Was Hesitant About Getting A Puppy. I Think They Needed Each Other”

#28 The dog looks like “I know I’m his favorite.”

Credits: Cousineugene

“My Dad Didn’t Even Want The “Damn Dog”

#29 Looks like he just did a lab experiment on dad.

Credits: rubendebaaat

” And My Dad Said He Didn’t Like The Dog”

#30 Who wouldn’t… look at that pink furry marshmallow!

Credits: coldaszach

“My Dad Didn’t Want Me To Get A Dog, But Now He Treats Him Like A Baby. Rubs His Back Till He Falls Asleep”

#31 Busted!

Credits: morgancanderson

“I Don’t Even Want A Dog.” Ok Dad Sure

#32 Not a dog person. But he’s a 2-dogs person.

Credits: GoodShark

“My Dad Insists He’s Not A Dog Person”

#33 That’s the look of one proud Dog Dad. The best feeling is the love given to you by your dog.

Credits: upbeatstories

“My Dad Didn’t Like The Idea Of Getting A Dog. 15 Years Later They Are Best Friends And Completely Inseparable”

#34 Portrait of a man who just changed his mind…

Credits: allieblack0

“Dad Wasn’t Excited About Us Getting A Dog. Too Bad Puppy Fell In Love With Him”

#35 Not sure who looks guiltier…

Credits: charboodie

“I’m Not A Dog Person”

#36 There is nothing like a German Shepherd! Loyalty, protection, love and the smartest breed!

Credits: abbey_a14

“My Dad Didn’t Want The Dog In The House.. Now They Are Bffs”

#37 “Ankle Biter” crawling his way up to your heart.

Credits: BurkhartAdriana

“If You Get It, It’s Your Dog. I Don’t Want A Damn Ankle Biter.” Ok Dad

#38 We are hard-wired to love and protect children of any species.

Credits: roniclles

“My Dad Has Always Been Adamant About Not Having Pets. I Brought This Little Guy Home Expecting A Shit Storm”

#39 Wonder how long he sat like that just so he doesn’t disturb that beautiful dog!

Credits: bitchola

“My Dad Makes A Big Deal About How Much He Hates Dogs…but I Always Seem To Catch Him Being Adorable With His Grandpups”

#40 It’s not a dog, it’s a bio hoodie warmer. Don’t you know it? New development, sometimes it barks, but it’s cute.

Credits: Alexx_Hughes

” And Dad Said He Didn’t Want A Dog”

#41 Double TROUBLE!

Credits: haleighstier

“He Said “I Don’t Want A Dog.” Then He Said “I Don’t Want A Second Dog.” Yeah Dad, Ok”

#42 No matter how big, they all are lap dogs.

Credits: TheRealRyan24

“My Dad Who “Doesn’t Want Anything To Do With The Dog”

#43 Nothing like cuddling with that cute, warm fuzzy body.

Credits: Dancisco23

“My Dad Was Originally Opposed To Us Getting A Dog… I Think He Changed His Mind”

#44 And he’s the one risking falling off the futon.

“My Dad Really Didn’t Want A Dog, But Now Sometimes I Find Them Like This”

#45 Somebody loves their dog.

Credits: Societysmonster

“My Dad Would Never Admit How Much He Loves Our Old Dog. But After Finding This Picture On His Phone, He Doesn’t Have To”

#46 When a man says no, he means yes.

Credits: eatmorchicken

“My Dad Said He Didn’t Want An iPad Or A Dog”

#47 A match made in heaven۔

Credits: thefinkasaurus

“My Dad Kept Griping “I Don’t Want A Dog!” This Is How I Find Them Napping”

#48 But she’s not on the couch…

Credits: shoey713

“After My Dad Said “She’s Not Allowed On The Couch”

#49 He is not a dog. He is a stakeholder…

Credits: zukos-honor

“My Dad Didn’t Want Us To Get A Dog At First. I Found This Picture In His Room”

#50 Probably because he knew he’d fall in love with it!

Credits: Pulkamania

“And My Dad Said He Didn’t Want A Dog”

All these photos of dogs and dads bonding are very convincing that once the pupper is in the house, there’s no way dad’s gonna say no. So, go on and adopt one. Your dad’s gonna love it. Do you have a story about your puppy? Let us know in the comments below. We love hearing from you. Don’t forget to share with other dog owners to be. It might help them convince their parents.

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