50 Comics Showing Hilarious Differences Between Cats And Dogs

Majority of the people love animals and that too, all for the right reasons. Cats and dogs do offer unconditional love, care, friendship, and even provide therapeutic benefits such as improved general well being and prosperity. All things considered, who can ever resist loving them. Cuddles and snuggles are just the added benefits. After a long and hard day, that’s just what we need to relax.

Picking between getting a feline or pup can be an intense choice, however as a rule, dogs require more attention while cats are progressively independent. In the event that you would like to have a snuggle with your furry friend maybe a doggo is the correct decision for you because let’s be honest; cats would just let you admire them from afar.

The differences between cats and dogs can be explained well with some comics. So we have collected a bunch of very cleverly created comics that might help you make your decision. Scroll down to see some hilarious differences between cats and dogs.

1. Please, Don’t Touch/Pet Me!

Petting cat vs dog, someone isn’t really fond of being touched.

2. The Chosen One.

It took so much time for the cat to trust you and sit on your lap, no need to move for next few days or it will jump off.

3. The Texts Your Dog Will Send VS The Texts Your Cat Will Send

4.  Let’s Accept The Fact That Binnie Cat Has A Resting B*tch Face.

“Yep, that describes things perfectly.” – John L.

5. Who Is The God??

6. It’s Easier To Find A New Human, Then To Help Your Old One.

Change is good, for example; getting a new human.

7. I Will Love You, No Matter What!!

We’ll see if they get along or not…

8.  Cats Can Bathe Themselves, Dogs On The Other Hand…..

9. Who Will Win This Battle?

Cat clearly isn’t winning this battle.

10. Different Definitions Of “Friend”

11. Fun – It’s Not For Everyone.

12. Reasons Why You Should Get A Cat VS Reasons Why You Should Get A Dog.

“I have a cat that drools puddles.  He’s a big baby that needs to be held daily.  You have to lie in bed on your side where he flops on his back and you hold him in your arm and he’ll nuzzle his head into your armpit/ chest and starts to drip drool the entire time while falling asleep.  And when he gets really comfortable, he stretches his entire body straight and ends up almost half your body length.”- Beks Czar.

13. Showing Affection, Cats Vs Dogs.

14. Enjoying Each Others Company.

15. What Your Cat Thinks About You…

Loving these comical differentiation of dogs and cats? Well we have a few more! Scroll down and check them out.

16. This Is Most Accurate Representation Of Going Out For A Walk With Your Pet.

17.  Safeguarding Your Human..

Dogs are the best safeguards without a doubt.

18. Who Is More Friendly?

19. Your Heart And All Your Other Stuff Belongs To Your Pet.

“Paw pound!”-Maswartz.

20.  Showing Warmth Isn’t A Cato’s Cup Of Tea.

21. So Many Dogs Working Together Would Be Disaster…

22. Who Is The Real Owner And Who Is The Pet?

Cat person is always busy pleasing the cats, whereas dogs are always pleasing their humans.

23. Who Cares About Dignity When You Can Have Food?

Not sure if that’s good for you doggo…

24. All Cats Want Is To Be Treated Like Queens….

Yeah, you still won’t get enough attention.

25. Touch My Tummy And I Will Rip Your Hand Apart.

Not everyone is a fan of getting tickled on their stomachs.

26. The World From The Eyes Of Your Pet.

Cats just want to scratch everything.

27. Someone Was Really Excited About Going Out.

28. Sadly, Cats Don’t Really Care About Humans….

29. Why Do You Think I Would Care About Your Sleep And Protection?

Clearly, our peace isn’t as important to a cat.

30. What? What Does Identify Your Food Even Mean.. Everything Is Food…

Can’t have enough of these funny representation, right? Scroll down, maybe your favorite one is yet to come!

31. The Laser Pointer Effect.

What a dogo wants :
*I can’t just run behind this silly point of light, give me food hooman.*

32. Someone Precisely Doesn’t Care About Being Validated.

33. Guess Who Would Help You In Hour Of Need?

Timmy I am glad that you’re stuck, at least that will keep you away from me for a while.

34. How To Train Your Pets…

35. Dogs Will Let You Pet Them, Who Is The Winner here?

But cats can poop on their own, without waking you.

36. Arrogance.

37. Oops, Bet You Didn’t Want To Hear Some Of These Confessions..

38. Not Everyone Loves Going For A Walk.

“Clearly biased, walking a dog can be a real pain in the ass :p” – Roxane Milko

39. Well, Lets Just Say That Cats Aren’t Good At Greetings.

40. Bet Your Dog Can’t Smell Death…

“Fufufu my dog can choke on his own vomit. What now?” – Nini.

41. I Guess Mail Can’t Be Checked In Either Of The Cases.

Oh, well… we still love them.

42. Umm, Can’t You See That I Am CATTT??

Wait, why did you think I love you? This is clearly one sided, woman.

43. Different Ways Of Expressing Your Hunger.

Wonder which expression is better.

44. Oops, That Didn’t End So Well….

Don’t eat everything you see, Mr. Dogo.

45. When You’re Trying Hold Your Pet.

46. Don’t Bite Him, He Is The “Mail” Person…

Woof Woof! You bit the wrong person.

47. Well, At Least Someone Loves You Unconditionally.

48. Why Your Cat & Dog Want You To Come Back Home…

Well, they both do have very valid reasons.

49. The Choice Is Clearly Yours, Human.

50. Keeping Dogs Leashed Because Of Their Weird Desires…

But all the poor dogo wanted was to get in garbage…. and play.

We hope these comical differences between cats and dogs put a smile on your face. Do you have a favorite comic? Let us know in the comments section below.

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