40 Cats Who Are Not Even Sorry For Stealing Dogs’ Beds

  • By Sara
  • June 21, 2020
  • 8 minutes read

Cats and dogs are very different in nature.

If you’ve owned both of them at one point in your life, you would know what I’m talking about. Dogs are one of the nicest and most loyal creatures on the planet. Cats, on the other hand, would sell you to Satan for a corn chip. If a dog accidentally breaks something in the house, he will hide under the bed in fear and guilt. However, cats will knock down your expensive vase on purpose and proudly pose with it.

So cats have been stealing things from dogs just because they are pure evil and the poor dog won’t fight back. Be it food or beds, felines will rip dogs off their property. Even though it’s sad for the doggos, it is hilarious to us. So if you were looking for a good laugh, you’ve come to the right place. Below are 40 cats who are not even sorry for stealing dogs’ beds:

1. I’m Fine


Smol! -JK Rowling

2. I Was Able To Capture The Raw Anguish He Felt After Losing His Bed To The Void


All dog owners in this thread are doing it wrong. Cats aren’t team players. So, you’ll have to buy an equal amount of _dog_ beds as you have pets. – Pan Narrans

3. My Cat Recently Discovered The Dog Bed


LOOK AT THAT FLOOF!!! -Ruby Mcpherson

Molly DeVoss, a feline training and behaviour specialist at Cat Behavior Solutions, was asked why cats like to steal the beds of their fellow pet dogs. It is because they want to cover the dog’s scent with their own. “Your home is their territory, and they feel more comfortable in places that smell like them,” said Molly.

4. Nope, Not Today


A dog of rare courage. -Kristina Thomas

5. It’s 7 Degrees Outside And The King Has Claimed His Bed


Gotta keep that butt warm if you’re to keep your appointment of waking up your owner (I mean slave) by sitting on their eyes at five in the morning. -logical fallacy

6. Got The Dogs New Beds. I Should Have Got Them Some Courage


The cat is glaring at the stray dog foot that made it on to his bed. -Raine Soo

Molly also explained why it is common for cats to get what they want, “they’re very good at training us.” For instance, “They knock things off the nightstand to wake us—because we typically feed them to stop the behaviour.” Also when “they jump up on things because we pick them up” or “meow and get us to talk back.” In fact, “cats are very observant and have great understanding of how to get a reaction from their caretakers.”

7. Well Was Looking For A Forever Home For This Stray Kitten But The Other Cat Has Spoken, The Dog Also Has No More Bed


“What. I have a child now and he needs somewhere to sleep.” -Kristina Thomas

8. Cat And Dog Enjoying The New Beds We Just Got Them


9. I Know Who Won This Fight


I mean, does he KNOW he’s using the kitty bed for a pillow or does he think that since his head is in it, his whole body must be? Like when I was little and closed my eyes and thought no one could see me…… -BlueCustardAngel

10. Yes Yes, Stay There


they have the same fur! -Jeremy

11. My Cat Really Enjoys My Dog’s New Bed


Well, they are the monarch of the house – just look at their subservient pet, making sure the bed is warm. -Ruby Mcpherson

12. That Look Of Apathy And Those Looks Of Disdain


Angry stare contest has started! -Noez

13. Always A Gentleman


Hell no the dog’s mad and probably peeing on it -The Emerald Triangle

14. You Seeing This


Lol that’s the same look my pup has when he finds his human sister laying on his bed reading. Lol -Paige Jordan

15. Boots Tried To Steal Poppy’s Bed But Poppy Said Nope


Chihuahuas have more guts than big dogs! -Kristina Thomas

16. I Captured My Dog Crying For Help Every Time My Tiny Old Cat Steals Her Bed. She’ll Sleep On The Floor Rather Than Steal It Back


She just shows some respect to the elderly. Good doggo girl -Hafida

17. One Does Not Simply “Steal” From A Malamute


They look like twins! -The Emerald Triangle

18. Our Cat Stole Our Dog’s Bed. Fear And Confusion Ensued


I can’t believe how calm the cat is. It is probably thinking: What’s all the fuss? -Raine Soo

19. She Stole It Right Out From Under Him And Looks So Smugly Pleased With Herself For It


Doggo has tears forming!! -Malanda Evans-Vaughan

20. See Below Why Skye Is Looking Sad And Sleeping In Her Toy Basket Today


Because of the skunk in her bed. -fish

It is clear to see that cats are the alpha of the house. You just can’t push them off the bed. This also proves that they have zero respect for personal space and property. They do what they want. They’ll sleep where they want. What are you going to do about it? Cats can be jerks but we still love them.

21. The Face You Make When The Cat Stole Your Bed


“Either choose which shoe you want me to poop in, or do something about this travesty.” -Kimberley Thomas

22. A Little Help?


People will have to intervene judging by the look on that pupper’s face… -Oskar vanZandt

23. Poor Pup Tried To Ask Nicely. Too Bad The Cat’s A Jerk


24. In Case You Were Wondering Who’s In Charge


Why on earth would I wonder who’s in charge in a household with a cat? -logical fallacy

25. Why Is He There?


Tiny fluffball being consumed by the void -JK Rowling

26. When The Cat Steals Your Bed So You Have To Improvise. It Was Actually Super Comfy And I Didn’t Want To Get Out, Even Though Mum Had Washing To Do


And the dirty laundry also smells like you. Bonus! -Kathy Balis

27. Got The Dog A New Bed Today. Not Going Well


28. The Dog Wasn’t Too Happy About The New Baby


Doggy is standing guard -Tina Hugh

29. So Tonight We Have To Sleep On Floor


They must be either really afraid or really good friends, the huskies, because Cat was kind enough to leave room for one of the cushion. -logical fallacy

30. “It’s Happened Again, Dad”


You can see the cat thinking:” You better leave things as they are. I can take your bed too, mate.” -WilvanderHeijden

31. The Cat Is The Alpha In This House


I love how in a lot of the pictures on here, the dog squishes into the cat bed. Poor pup. -Heather

32. How They “Share” The Dog’s Bed


Not too far. There’s the stripe. We did this as kids. Here’s the imaginary stripe. Do not cross it. -RJ

33. We Bought A New Bed For The Dog. Came Back To Find This


Just tell the cat that it is a cat’s bed and he’ll move away. -FloC

 34. He’s Too Nice To Say No To His New Buddy


That’s the stray kitty that got adopted by the orange kitty.

35. They Took My Bed


36. Such Disrespect


The cats: Well, there are two of us. We win! -Raine Soo

37. Does Stolen Dog Houses Qualify?


38. Bought A Cat Bed The Other Day. Woke Up To This


i’m surprised cat didn’t choose to stay closer to radiator. are you sure it’s a cat? -MagicalUnicorn

39. But Mommy, She Is In My Bed


The look on the poor bulldog’s face… 🙁 -Raine Soo

40. Technically They Are Sharing, But The Cat Gets The Lion’s Share


What did you think of these hilarious yet adorable images? Have you ever kept a dog and cat at the same time? How did they behave? Let us know in the comments below!

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