11 Times Owners Came Home Early And Caught Their Cats In The Act

  • By Admin
  • June 30, 2020
  • 3 minutes read

We are able to witness all the goofy and hilarious things our cats do when we are around. If we are lucky, we might even be able to capture those moments in a snap. But what about the whole time you are out at school or work? The cats are alone at that time and as mischievous as these creatures are, I bet they do crazy stuff!

But forget about the crazy stuff, we have gathered some funniest pictures of cats caught in acts. Their faces scream ‘sneaky’. And the expressions on their faces? They are picture worthy! We are lucky these pictures were spot on and taken on the right time.

Scroll down to see what cats do in your absence.

1. The white cat clearly does not mind the choking…

2. I need my privacy, MOM!!

3. Blinking contest, the cat won!

4. They’re clearly angry that someone invaded their personal space

5. Kittens in making!

6. Uh oh, didn’t know the hooman will be coming home early. I thought we will be home alone

7. Oh, don’t mind us, just judging you

Never have I ever felt so insecure of getting judged by humans as I did by watching these two cats stare like this! But who cares, they still look so loveable


8. Why do these hoomans keep interrupting our private space?

How do cats manage to look so cute in everything they do?


9. Hooman didn’t get me shoes so I stole hers!

Oh, it is definitely annoying when your little sister steals your shoes. But who could possibly get mad at this goofball cat marking her territory over the shoes? I would happily give this cute floof all my shoes and even buy more

10. Oh yeah, just choking the dog. No biggie

Jeez, cats don’t leave anyone alone. That poor dog is caught in the cat’s trap! She must have seen him stealing her food


11. Who is this buddy you’re texting, Karen???

As conceited these cats are, I bet this one was googling ‘cats’ to get all the tea we humans have on cats.

I wish we all were home when our cats pull these sneaky acts. Unfortunately, unless we accidentally come early, we would never find out what our cats do the whole time we are out. We could get a camera in our house but would not want to invade the cats’ privacy.

Do you have any pictures of your cats being caught in a funny moment? Share those pictures with or comment below to share the incident. And stay tuned for more content like this!

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