19 Photos That Prove Cats Set The Rules In Every House

  • By Malaika
  • June 19, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

Cats are our masters.

And we should understand that by now. Anyone who has ever had a cat knows that cats are moody creatures and while sometimes they can be lovely and want to cuddle. Other times they will bite your fingers off. So it is always recommended to be nice to them and never force them to do anything.

If they just want to lay there all day, let them be. If they want to scratch your face, offer them the other cheek. All in all, cats can be a**holes and we love them for it. So let’s take a look a some of the most hilarious shenanigans performed by the following cats.

#1 When you don’t have back support.

This kitty is just trying to be a good pet and supporting her family. She knows his neck probably hurts by sitting at the computer all day so she is just helping.

#2 ‘Just get it off!’

I got my head stuck in a trash can lid while trying to eat the plastic liner.

Then I tried to escape through my cat door from embarrassment and I got stuck again.

#3 ‘I am just another part of the merchandise.’

#4 He is trying to warm up his tush and failing horribly.

Don’t worry, it’s not hot, it just gets me all kinds of attention (which I promptly ignore and pretend to hate.)

#5 ‘It wasn’t me!’

Right when I needed to charge my phone urgently.

#6 After this she was scratched to death.

My cat hates cameras, so I hardly have any pictures with him. Last night we attempted.

Can’t say he’ll be appearing in any cat food commercials anytime soon.

#7 I’ll sit where I want to.

I just washed it…

And she doesn’t care. What did you expect? She is a cat.

#8 ‘It hasn’t been Christmas for months!’

This is Bubble. She wanted to let her human know Christmas is over and she’s sick of looking at decorations!

#9 I didn’t get any flowers and I’m bitter.

This is what happened to our Valentine’s Day flowers. Sorry, not sorry!

#10 This kitty only needed some sun for photosynthesis.

#11 You always find a way when you’re hungry.

Our cat was getting a little fat, so we got an automatic pet feeder to ration his food throughout the day.

#12 This robber kitty isn’t gonna get away with it.

She only wanted to steal some catnip. It’s been hard for her.

#13 I will smush the fruit if need be.

Hi, I’m Maki. This is my bowl and I don’t know why my mom keeps putting fruit in it.

#14 Why wouldn’t he be? It’s perfect!

He’s so proud of himself!

#15 They are just curious as to what all the fuss is about.

There is no privacy in the life of a cat owner.

#16 It’s all a lie, they were looking for a murder weapon.

Caught these boys in the kitchen last night looking for a snack.

#17 ‘It’s your fault for leaving it unattended.’

My sister’s cat ruined an iPad. Look at her face.

#18 This is one trashy kitty.

This is Tobiko. He likes to climb into trash bins and take naps.

#19 ‘How dare you not pay attention to me!’

What are your thoughts on these cats’ crazy antics? Does your kitty do anything similar? If so what are the rules at your house? Comment down below and let us know.

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