Cats Photobombing And Ruining The 'Perfect' Pictures

Cats Photobombing And Ruining The ‘Perfect’ Pictures

  • By Saif
  • September 18, 2020
  • 5 minutes read

Today, we have gathered to talk about our favourite topic, cats! Hurrayy!

Now, these babies have our hearts, but we all know how sassy and how big of attitude princesses they are! They care about nothing but themselves, occasionally about their hoomans too. When they are sad or low, they will just come and cuddle them. But apart from that, they have their cat-mode on!

With no care in this world and what’s happening around them, we have gathered some pictures of our favourite animal photobombing their hoomans pictures! Either they do it deliberately or not, one thing remains constant – they do not care! The world revolves around them and only they matter!

We won’t keep you waiting for these hilarious shots, scroll down and see these furry carefree creatures photobombing for yourselves! Brace yourself for the laughing fits! Don’t say we didn’t warn y’all.

1. “Why are hoomans photobombing my selfie!”

The hooman woman took her dress inspiration from my furr-attire! Not forgivable!

2. ‘Really hoomans? You thought you could keep me out of the frame? Jokes on y’all”

Seems like the evil energies of this cat has been activated!

3. “I have told mommy so many times not to take her selfies all the time! Where is the power off button?”

“I, on the other hand, look good on the camera. hmm. nice eyes.”

4. “I never take pictures when kissing my significant other(s). Sigh. Hoomans.”

‘Let’s teach them a lesson!’

5. Seems like this kitty is not happy with the new addition in the family!

This bride needs to look out for this cat!

6. Kitty thinks its tail is more relevant than the hooman’s face!

What message are you trying to send kitty?

7. My hooman can stand on her two paws? So can I!

Give credit where it’s due. It’s not here.

8. Just two different cats owning up their space in front of the camera

We love the confidence!

9. “My tail and back is more interesting than their whole shoot”

Sabotaging hooman’s wedding shoot: Check.

10. ‘What are hoomans so happy about?’

‘Let me ruin it for them’

11. Purr-fect family picture? My bum!

No care in this world is given by this cat!

We are currently stuck in a laughing fit at the pettiness and royal behaviour of these cats. Are you? If so, keep calm because we have more of these babies making their existence felt with the purr-fect photobombing! Scroll down to see!

12. Need to steal the limelight from my hooman!

I don’t need to do weird things like my hooman stay relevant!

13. Finally, humans have understood my importance!

Better late than never!

14. This grumpy cat is mad that its hooman parents didn’t think of bringing it in the frame!

Not an issue, it brought itself in the frame! HUH.

15. The award for the best photobomber goes to this kitty! We feel bad for laughing! Poor couple!

‘Love in the air. NO, please.”

16.This kind kitty fulfilling this toddler’s fantasy of having a tail.

Look at the kid’s happiness!

17. Kitty is mad for not being the centre of attention!

Kitty displaying passive aggression by ruining the shoot

18. “You forgot to include me in the family picture! The disrespect!”

We smell bloodshed.

19. “I have to cross this patch of grass. Your picture can wait.”

Her royalty the Kitty!

20. “Surprising my hoomans with my entrance after they locked me in the house for the wedding”

They tried. And failed.

21. Stealing the focus, literally. I do.

I don’t get the hype, hmph.

22. This kitty is not ashamed of third-wheeling!

That kitty is embracing herself! How adorable!

Ah! We have come to an end of this amazing episode of cats being their sassy self! It was so interesting and fun to see these cats being their own selves and owning up their space! We love a good selfish cat for ourselves! The tantrums make us go all gooey and soft in the inside! It’s adorable. Share this with your loved ones so they can laugh at these amazing sassy creatures!

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