50 Shameless Dogs That Prove Dogs Aren’t Always Good Boys

  • By Hashir
  • July 5, 2020
  • 7 minutes read

Our fuzzy best friends are adorable and always ready to help. Mostly they are very good boys, however, they may slip away from the good boy title and exhibit some bad-boy behavior sometimes. You notice this when you come home to torn wallpaper, shredded books/newspapers or pillow stuffings all over the place. You know who the culprit is with guilty written all over their face and evidence stuck to their paws. Yes, the doggo.

Remember when you went to school and didn’t have any homework to submit as your dog had eaten it? Well, we believe you because we know our good boys are not always good. And to prove you, we found 50 photos of shameless dogs caught in the act of being bad boys.

Fun-fact: Humans are not the only species affected by their crimes but cats and fellow dogs are also victims. Scroll down to witness.

#1 And he’s making a Snoop Dogg face… *Thug life music plays in the background.*

Credits: imgur

“No One Is Gonna Believe That I Actually Ate Your Homework”

#2 This one seems to be high…

Credits: reddit.com

“Left My Baby Husky Alone For A Minute And I Come Back To This”

#3 “Finally you’re back! Look at the mosaic I did, are you as happy as I am?”

Credits: reddit.com

“I’m Glad You’re Home. It’s Been Pretty Boring Around Here”

#4 “Quick before the hooman is back, drown him!!”

Credits: imgur.com

“Look At These Two Trying To Drown Their Brother”

#5 Nothing like that “new puppy smell.”

Credits: imgur.com

“My Friend Just Got A New Puppy”

#6 Dog: “I will sitz…here.” Cat: “DUDE THERE IS A WHOLE COUCH TO SIT ON, AND U SIT ON ME!?”

Credits: imgur.com

“When My Dog Decided To Sit On My Cat”

#7 Pug Face treatment. The latest trend…

Credits: atomhorse.tumblr.com

“Dog Who Is Also A Face Mask”

#8 “He’s farting on me get off!!!!”

Credits: imgur.com

#9 Guess it’s shame on the cat for letting him out in the first place…

“Who Didn’t Let The Cat Out?”

#10 “Hi”

Credits: reddit.com

#11 “Nope, I didn’t murder anyone!”

Credits: imgur.com

“Badass Shiba”

#12 “This kitty is MINE”

“She Just Loves To Eat Our Couch When We Are Out.”

#13 Not cool puppy… NOT COOL!!

Credits: forum.krstarica.com

“Yes, This Is A Perfect Place For My Bathroom Break”

#14 “I’m the boss here hooman.”

#15 The pug is caught red-handed.

Credits: Bill Killillay

“I Don’t Always Sit On Cats But When I Do, I Sit On Miles”

#16 “Hmm… that’s a nice pillow to rest my chin!”

Credits: Dona Minúcia

#17 “Sorry not sorry hooman!”

Credits: imgur.com

“There Was A Spider, But It’s Gone Now

#18 “It’s warm and comfy!”

#19 “Hooman, have you seen my bone!?”

#20 “The walls were borings so I decided to redecorate.”

Credits: reddit.com

“Welcome Home, How Was Your Day?”

#21 “I will now sit on you… you are my chair that is shaped like my enemy”

#22 He knows he’s in trouble…

Credits: reddit.com

“No Word Of A Lie, This Is What I Just Came Home To”

#23 “What are you looking at, human?”

Credits: imgur.com

“My Parents Dog Was Cold, So Tore Its Way Into A Pillow. When I Snapped A Photo He Gave Me This”

#24 “I think it looks better now.”

#25 The real bad boy.

Credits: imgur.com

” I Was Only Gone For Ten Minutes… Guilty Dog Looking Guilty”

#26 “The kid set me up. It wasn’t me.”

Credits: Susan

#27 “Yes, Hooman it was me.”

Credits: reddit.com

“The Face Of Pure Guilt”

#28 “Marry Christmas to me!”

Credits: yoyowall.com

#29 “It was fun!”

#30 “Hooman, are those new shoes?”

Credits: Juwelz

“This Puppy Is An Expert Shoe Destroyer”

#31 “Hello from beyond the door.”

Credits: lifewithdogs.com

“Kula The Destroyer”

#32 Maybe that’s a comfortable setting position for her.

Credits: Angela Eden

“Dolly The Pit Bull Won’t Stop Sitting On Her Brother Duke”

#33 “You do as I say, sister!”

#34 “I got’em!”

” I Got Yer Slippers! I Got’em Good…”

#35 “It just seemed like it would be so much fun to dig in some dirt!”

Credits: houndbound.com

#36 “I’m not the guilty one! I swear it was him…”

#37 “I helped! Woof!!”

#38 “I may be shmol but I’m destructive.”

Credits: houndbound.com

#39 “I can fit right in!”

” Don’t Go To School.. Or You Can Take Me With You. Look, I Can Perfectly Fit In It.”

#40 This little guy is a gardener. At least seems like one…

“No, Really! I Found It Like This!”

#41 “No, I didn’t eat anything.”

“What Box Of Lorikeet Food”

#42 “I’m slaying my new hat.”

#43 “Hooman, you know I hate being left alone.”

#44 “Trust me, it’s just the latest fashion.”

#45 This is what bored puppies do for fun.

#46 “No, only I give orders.”

#47 “It was delicious!”

#48 “Hooman, why is all your furniture always in my way?”

#49 “Five more minutes.”

#50 “Bro is warm, floor cold.”

All the dogs are being total jerks but they’re still cute though. Do share with us stories of your dog being a jerk in the comments below and also share this with other dog owners.

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