These Cats Love Their Humans A Little Too Much

These Cats Love Their Humans A Little Too Much

  • By Saif
  • November 29, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

Not sure how much your kitty loves you? This one’s for you!

Cats are one of the most mysterious creatures ever. Humans have been trying to figure them out since decades but no one has been able to crack the code as of yet. They are moody, choosy and bossy. We all know that cats are the moodiest creatures of all. And bossy? Of course, they love to boss us around and they would only listen to us when they would WANT to or when they would want something from us, otherwise, who are we to even call their name? We are little peasants in their eyes. But hey, regardless of how moody or bossy they are, cats have their own ways of showing their affection towards us!

Not everyone has been able to figure it out whether they are showing affection or they are annoyed by us but there are many signs which depicts that your cats love you more than usual. For instance, a doggo would wag it’s tail and come running towards you as soon as he spots you but a cat? Well… a cat would just look at you with an expressionless face and give you a cold look for a while and then just look away. Yes, that would make you feel unimportant but that’s just not their way of showing their love. In most of the cases, cats are likely to show their affection when you are not paying attention to them at all. They love attention and would constantly try to bug you and you gotta take the hint!

For instance, they would lie down on your laptop when you are working, they might sit on your face or lick your head and they might even knead on your beard (if you have a big one)! If you haven’t been able to witness any of that, don’t worry! We have collected a few pictures of our furry little companions displaying their love and affection to their hoomans. Scroll down and see for yourself.

1. Take a look at this one trying to help his hooman.

Not sure if he’s trying to help or annoy.

2. Awww… someone’s being a big baby!

Consider yourself lucky, hooman.

3. That has got to be the cutest picture of today!

So adorable!

4. Well… he’s just showing affection.

“Hooman, I like your beard. It’s so soft.”

5. Couldn’t find a warmer place than this.

“You are my slave, kiss my butt hooman”.

6. Just when you decide to work…

“Do you really have to work today?”

Cats can be selfish little creatures because they would only display affection whenever they would feel up to it otherwise there’s absolutely no power in the world that can impress them! And we are not done with the pictures yet, keep scrollin’ peeps!

7. When you come into the kitchen to eat something and your cat starts being a baby…

That adorable hug though!

8. Cat be like, “are you sure your bf can drive, Karen?”

“I don’t even have an airbag in the backseat. Get me out of here”

9. And they love playing with your hair too!

Just a way to display affection.

10. Someone’s being lazy.

And annoying.

11. OMG! That is so precious!

I want a cat that big!

12. They can be anywhere, everywhere.

“Pssh, you have got a nice ass, hooman.”

See, didn’t we tell you that cats have their own way of displaying affection and what you just witnessed was the depiction of it. So, next time when your cat does anything similar to this, consider yourself the “chosen one”. And that title, is surely a very hard task to earn! Let us know if you could relate to any of these pictures above, into the comments section below.

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