Hilarious Pics Of Cats Show How Weird They Are But We Still Love Them Anyway

Hilarious Pics Of Cats Show How Weird They Are But We Still Love Them Anyway

  • By Saif
  • September 1, 2020
  • 5 minutes read

Most of us probably know cats as the cutest four-legged pet that spends most of their time sleeping, attacking, and bossing around. But in reality, the cat only does what it wants to do. It ain’t got no time to keep itself together. The cats are usually all over the place. As a cat owner, you would know what we’re talking about. But for all cat owners to come to an agreement that cats act in a specific manner all the time, is not an easy thing to do. That is because they know it’s not true. What they know is that every single cat has its own unique ways that make them strange. Yeah, you get it now.

We’re basically talking about how strange cats can be. But, in a cute way of course. It ain’t a cat if it ain’t cute. Some cats tend to go crazy about food while others just go crazy without any prior notice or warning. You just gotta compromise. But all in all, we still love them. And not one bit do we get annoyed. No matter how weird they get, our love for them keeps increasing every second.

We thought it would be nice to show you some crazy cat moments that we’ve come across. Keep scrolling because you’re in for some fun.

1. The Vampire Diaries season 13 coming up. Starring:

via Elizajaynez

‘Helllooo, Kitten’

2. How we all sleep at night after doing absolutely nothing all day

via MsNikky

Yeah, we all know this sleep.

3. Sometimes you gotta keep yourself first

via lulutheempress

The rest shall adapt to that quickly…or maybe get a neck ache.

4. ‘They said you could be anything you wanted so I became liquid’

via LadyRddt

It can easily slip into (or out of) your arms while cuddling. Depends on the mood you know.

5. If your cat does this, RUNNNN!

via Thatredheadnextdoor

This is the scariest cat moment to ever exist

6. And we thought cats were clean eaters..

via swedishreader

Guess this one’s an exception. As long as it wipes its face after, we’re good.

7. Elegance redefined…

via ebisobi

This plushy wushy kitty cat is all we need right now.

8. When your only best friend is busy and you have no one to ignore…

via absedy

Sad times, we get it.

These cats are too cute. We’re loving the weird things these cats do and the way they are creeping up their owners is hilarious! We’re laughing too and maybe we’re enjoying that a bit too much so we suggest you keep scrolling because there’s a lot more that we have in store, for you.

9. Cats are able to stare right into your souls. Exhibit:

via thedard555

And now it knows what you had for dinner last night.

10. This cat has had a rough day, you can probably tell

via antipop21

Or naww. It just sleeps like that. Cute!

11. ‘Hey hooman, you forgot your cat that’s me.’

via astrologicalfoxx

The cat knows what you’re doing. The face can tell.

12. Living with cats rule#548621: The cat owns the house. You just pay the rent.

via Tame_Trex

Never disrespect the master.

13. When you know you look good and someone mentions it…

via megajazz

…and you can’t stop smiling because you’re already on the 7th sky

14. ‘A cat will never leave your side’. True

via aquickcupofcoffee

Not even in naked times…No privacy required..

15. ‘Look into my eyes hooman…What do you see?’

via slowdowntime19

 Is it the food that you were about to give me?

16. We don’t mind…Not one bit.

via PsychoSyren

And who allowed this kitty to look this adorable?

17. ‘Strike your best pose at 3…2…1’ *Click*

via Catseni

Painfully beautiful, we’d like to call it.

18. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea…

via just2reddit

This cat be looking like the pilot who saw the turbulence beforehand.

19. Love has no boundaries.

via Uncertain_aquarian

This cat explains it well.

20. When you watch Asian shows and try to be Asian…

via OmnifiCentric

Hey, those were for humans only!

Perfect! Now that it’s over, we think these cats have the ability to not only do silly stuff but also steal your hearts. But how is that even possible? Stealing hearts through the internet, is that even a thing? It shouldn’t be, but it is. Because we’re living proof that this has happened before waayyy too many times. But again, we’re not complaining. These cats totally deserve all the love from around the world. What do you think about these cats? Let us know in the comments below.

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