Doggos Showing Their “Toofers”

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  • August 18, 2020
  • 7 minutes read

We love everything about dogs. From their fur to their wagging tails and their puppy eyes, we love them dearly. But one thing is certain that we have might missed. Their perfect smiles. When your dog looks at you with a smile on its face, THAT IS THE END OF IT. That’s right! The dog has successfully reached your heart. But there’s still something left!!!

We’re talking about their teeth. Their smiles are incomplete with those pearly white small teeth. Legends say it is their way to impress their owners. But we think they’re just being their adorable self with those adorable ‘toof’ of theirs.

We welcome you to see what these dogs look like with their teeth on display. Some are cute, some funny, and other…ummm..just being natural maybe? Anyways, scroll down to see for yourself what these dog smiles make you feel.

1. Small dog, small toof.

via NanoCharat

Mostly how our ID photos turn out to be…

2. Too tired to even bother.

via Foxhidesinfo

You know you’ve slept well when your teeth were showing.

3. ‘Say cheese!’

via the-floot

Am I doing it right?

We love ourselves some ‘toofers’. And therefore you are invited to share your favourite dog toof smile with us. We’d love to see some more of those beautiful teeth that have been maintained by brushing twice and flossing after big meals in a day. Woah! Is that the secret to their bright smiles?

4. A cute decoration piece for your table.

via OctopussSevenTwo

Can’t or don’t wanna say NO to that?

5. Accidental front camera selfie.

via unknown

Hey there, you’ve got some pretty set of toof.

6. Now we know what Toothbrush is actually for…

via unknown

Just one…nothing more or less.

We’ve got some helpful information for you guys from Hillspet: With dogs having a total of 42 teeth, it can be difficult to keep them clean at all times. But it should be done regularly. No way out. They should be clean of tartar and plaque to keep them healthy. Their tongue should be moist and gums must be salmon-pink (a sign of healthy teeth). However, with naturally dark gummed dogs, it becomes harder to distinguish.

7. Resting your face on the fence looks different for dogs.

via Fubar904

Oh, how he wishes he could get out.

8. ‘Smile for the camera’

via thesassyllamas

‘Make sure you get all my teeth in’

9. Teeth game too strong for this pupper!

via thegolden_nami

Ain’t nobody gon’ say no to that toof-y smile.

10. Recognize this face?

via MedZeppelin

Its what you make to annoy your siblings when you don’t have a solid comeback.

11. Since when does this dog look like Sid?

via icant-chooseone

Since the Ice Age. Geddit?

12. When you get caught lying…

via unknown

I will speak the toof, the whole toof, and nothing but the toof.

Just because dogs are unable to take care of their teeth, doesn’t mean you can’t. They could definitely use some help from their favourite hooman. As long as you stick to dog toothpaste and don’t share your own brush (out of love of course), you’re doing good. Simply take your dog to the vet every now and then to get some serious cleaning done.

13. What face-timing your bae looks like.

via earthlingtina

Simply adorableeee

14. Now that’s fancyyy

via ShelingtonBelington

‘…But I won’t fall. I. AM. TITANIIIUUUM.’

15. How you can’t go out because it’s raining…

via unknown

Can’t miss those beautiful eyes…and the teeth (that’s what we’re here for remember?)

You’ll find many articles loaded with information about how to keep your dog’s teeth clean. But the most important thing is consistency. You have to be consistent with the job of cleaning those teeth or else they’ll decay or fall out real soon. And that is something we don’t want. You definitely wouldn’t want your dog to lose its beautiful sharp teeth, would ya? We’ll answer that for you, No. So, make sure to steadily keep up with the cleaning. It might just give you more time to bond with your dog, who knows?

16. Tell us this ain’t your younger sibling who ate your food that you’ve been thinking about all day.

via Sleepercivic

Good luck, if you survive.

Also, you must keep a check on their cute little teeth and do not delay the vet visits if you notice some unusual stuff going on in their mouth. It could be dangerous and you would not want to take any risks, we believe.

17. Cuddling makes this baby smile wide.

via ChildrnoftheCrnSyrup

We’d smile too if we had such cute teeth.

18. When you’re mad at your hooman but make sure they don’t forget you exist.

via unknown

It’s tough being a dog.

19. ‘You should smile more often.’

via homao

‘Do I look pretty now?’

20. Your face when you forgot to do something your mother asked an hour ago…

via iamthewalrus1987

There’s no going back now…

21. Anyone up for Wendy’s this weekend?

via wolftalk

Wendy’s got little toof too.

22. They can’t see me!!!

via jantmeijer

oh, yes they can.

23. This doggo might just dominate the world…

via AlienSocksAndWatches

…right after this nap.

24. Those teeth make this dog…

via javv007

Look like the world’s best meat eater.

25. ‘HEYYY…why are you coming so nearrr?’

via canbarelysee

What we’d do to see those little teeth.

26. When your friends discuss the entire paper.

via TRLnala

And your dumb ass forgot to turn the sheet.

27. Your face in the midst of a sneeze.

via jupiterandthemoons

Right on spot!

28. Fluffy bear-dog with those teeth made it to the list too.

via sydneyelkin

We’re drooling over that toofus!

29. ‘Hoooomaaannn, phtttoppp’

via unknown

He’d be mad if he found his picture on the internet.

30. A bright smile for a bright day!

via fishf00ds

We’re full of contentment.

That’s it, we are done for today. These dogs with their perfect smiles have made our day and we couldn’t have asked for something better. They’re the best when it comes to making us laugh out loud. And guess what? We’re all about that doggo life. Tell us which was your favourite smile in the comments below.

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