20 Pets Who Look Or Behave Exactly Like Their Humans

  • By Admin
  • June 8, 2020
  • 5 minutes read

As the title of the article depicts, it’s all about our love and affection for the pets. Pets aren’t any less than a family member who would stick to you through thick and thin. Did you know that pets are known to possess similar traits as their owners do? People who have pets can surely relate to it. No, it’s not a joke, it’s true! It has been scientifically proven that pets and their owners are most likely to have similar personality traits. Just as a natural human baby grows up to possess the traits of their parents, pets evolve in a very similar way. But at times, owners of pets try their best to copy the traits of their pets and the outcome is hilarious yet very adorable!

To give you live proof of this, we have successfully collected a bunch of pictures that clearly show how owners are trying to copy their pets. It doesn’t just look adorable but also helps in developing a more healthy relationship between a pet and it’s owner. Why don’t you check it out yourself? Scroll down to enjoy the bewitching moments.

1. That smile says it all.

Y u trying to copy me, Bad bad hooman?

2. These two seem to have a great bond.

Great, now I can’t even lie on the floor in peace.

3. Like pet, like owner.

What’s the point of doing this?

4. Just going for a walk.

Wait, which one’s real?

5. That’s how supportive owners should be!

Do hoomans get themselves neutered too? I hope they do.

6. The resemblance is uncanny.

Really? You even had to wear a white T-shirt too, hooman?

7. This can’t be real!

We both getting laid, bro.

8. The weekend has never been better.

I do this everyday but you should enjoy it while it lasts, hooman.

9. The hairstylist did a great job.

Can you not see me annoyed of you trying to copy my hairstyle?

10. Um… the cat doesn’t really seem to be enjoying it though but cute.

Is she trying to kill me or what?


We hope you are enjoying the humans being happy while their pets seem somewhat annoyed but secretly, they are enjoying it too! Scroll down to keep it coming.


11. I wouldn’t even want to go near them.

I got your back covered as long as you keep feeding me but once you stop, you will be my fooooood. Rawwrrr!

12. OMG… Genetic mutations on a whole new level!

Could she be my lost sister? Apart from our eyes, even our nose matches.

13. That stare hit you right in the soul.

She particularly bought me to show off we both have the same eye color. Hoomans.

14. Similar personality traits? Yep.

I’m tired of him trying to copy my expressions.

15. No need for a dog filter anymore.

He looks so dumb but I love him.

16. Bonding took to a whole new level…

Somebody get me out of here. She has even started to eat from my bowl.

17. A bad dream?

Just let me sleep, will you?

18. Is that a yawn?

Great. Now I cannot even yawn peacefully.

19. What are you guys looking at?

Hey, delete this picture. We both look really old.

20. I would adopt both.

And I thought I’m the only one to pull this off but good job, little hooman.


And it ends. Did you notice how the owners tried their best to copy the styles and expressions of their pets out of sheer love? Although some of the pets didn’t really seem to be enjoying it and probably found it freaky but it still convinced them that nobody else can love them more than their owner. It definitely strengthened the bond between them even more.
Have you ever tried to do that? If so, why don’t you share a few pictures of you copying your pets in the comments section below and boast off the adorable and strong bond that you and your pet share.

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