Hilarious Photos That Prove Cats Are Aliens

  • By Admin
  • August 11, 2020
  • 3 minutes read

The fact that sometimes the cats can become the weirdest creature, is undeniable.

I mean, we love cats but if you tell me that you never caught your cat doing weird stuff, I won’t buy that. The fact that you stumbled upon this article in the first place is enough proof that you agree with it. But being honest, the unpredictability of cat behaviours is the beauty and uniqueness which makes us adore them even more.

They are fun, hilarious and loving and that is one of the reasons why cats are known to be the most popular creatures in the whole world. But well, it would be fair to say that sometimes they act so strange and weird to an extent that we almost believe that they are nothing less than an alien.

Let’s take a look at some of the pictures and see what you think.

1. “Am I doing it right?”

2. What? There’s plenty of space for me to stand, okay.

3. Hey… I was just hovering around the house.

4. “So small her weight doesn’t press the keys…”

5. “Made an Iron Throne for my Maine Coon. He slipped right into the role!”

6. “She sleeps like this and I don’t know why.”

7. I can never understand this sorcery.

Told you, they are the weirdest. But have you ever seen your cat crawling over the window like a spiderman? Keep scrolling for more hilarious surprises.

8. “Just moved into a new apartment and saw this.”

9. “Our office cat does not like to be ignored.”

10. I thought this might be a comfortable position to rest.

11. I’m not looking at you. You’ve been mistaken.

12. “I might have assembled my cat wrong.”

13. “My friend found her very pregnant cat sitting like this.”

14. “My new cat likes to lay and watch the fire before he goes to sleep.”

15. “For some reason, my sister’s cat sits like this every day.”

Do you agree with the cats being an alien now? Have you ever caught your cat in such strange acts? If yes, we would love to see the pictures! Share your opinions into the comments section below.

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