18 Cat Posts That Prove That Cats Are Uncanny Yet Lovable

  • By Hashir
  • October 25, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

Cats are an art of class. Ain’t nobody can match their cool. They appear to be extremely mysterious and smart that everyone is simply intimidated by their personality. What we see is definitely not their reality. Once you really get to know a cat, you understand how derpy they actually are. They’re not as smart as they seem. They sure are evil to some extend and would scratch our faces off in a blink of an eye, but they’re just not intelligent.

In fact, cats are the complete opposite of genius. They’re compassionate and would care for anyone who’s going through some troubled times, but they simply don’t use their tiny brains much. They’re unpredictable and extremely adorable. Their beauty is hard to resist. You can’t keep yourself from petting a cat and cuddling it unconditionally. If you are a cat owner, you’d understand that their logic’s are simply alien to us. Here, we have collected 18 posts from around the internet that prove that cats are uncanny yet lovable. Scroll down and check them out.

“Boyfriend is looking after my cat. He put the tv on and turned round to find this…”

Cat sitting like a human

Source: Reddit

“cat activated the video doorbell after being locked outside”

Cat being dramatic

Source: Reddit

Can you spot the hidden camera? Yes, you’re being watched. Look on top of the fridge.

Cat sits in the basket on top of the fridge

“My sister’s cat worshipping some kind of cat god”

stretching cat

Source: Reddit

“Cats are cats and will always be cats”

cat drinking water

Source: Reddit

“Just as the prophecy foretold.”

Cat eating plastic letters

Source: Reddit

“My boyfriend and my cat have a special bond…. I feel like the third wheel.”

cat and human showing same reaction

Source: Reddit

“My cat just came back from one of her evening strolls with someone else’s keys in her mouth”

cat with keys

Source: Reddit

“My cat messed up a single part of my window shades.. never realized why until just now.”

Spy cat

Source: Reddit

“My mother in law’s cat is obsessed with shrimp. She makes this face whenever there is shrimp on the table.”

Cat stares at shrimps

Source: Reddit

“My sister took her cat for a walk last fall. We still don’t know if he was enjoying himself…”

Cat hugs the tree

Source: Reddit

“Proof that cats not only give emotional support, but physical too.”

Source: Reddit

“Taken from my parents’ kitchen window. They don’t have any cats…”

Source: Reddit

Brown people at a wedding buffet…

Source: Reddit

That looks like a cat that’s up to no good.

Cats are simply too smart for our peasant brains to understand.

Work harder, not smarter! from AnimalsBeingDerps

This just cracked us up! Cats are either too darn dumb, or we have a pea size brain and we have been doing things the wrong way all our lives. Well, we’re still trying to process this video, but we simply can’t stop laughing at what we just witnessed. Cats are cute in absolutely weird ways that can’t be put into words.

When you realize people are watching you being weird…

Such a weirdo from AnimalsBeingDerps

That’s the cutest! Isn’t it!?

He’s on a diet but he pretends to eat what his owner is eating from AnimalsBeingDerps

Ah! Cats on a diet. Well, cats are one of the biggest foodies you’d ever come across. They love to eat, even when they’ve just been fed. There is never enough food for cats. They would come meowing with a damn cute puppy dog face, tricking you into feeding them. They would pretend to be hungry, while they’re clearly not. Thus, they put on a lot of weight and look adorably chonky for some time, then we start to realize that our cats have simply gotten FAT. They’re not cute anymore, they’re just FAT. Obesity is a disease and the cats look absolutely mislabel when they gain all those extra pounds that shouldn’t be on their bodies.
These cats are extremely derpy and we totally love them. What do you guys think, are cats derpy or not? Tell us about your crazy yet silly experiences with our cat in the comments below. Don’t forget to share this with other cat lovers for a good laughter.

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