This Hilarious Pooping Dog Calendar 2021 Is Perfect For Every Desk

This one’s for all of you who are crazy after planning and organizing! If you’re someone who actively goes out of their way to get an actual planner, or a calendar that is both aesthetically pleasing and useful at the same time, you’ve come to the write place. (Pun intended!)

We can all admit that 2020 has let us down immensely! Personally, I got both a planner for my work/university and a planner for my daily life. And, it’s safe to say that they are now sitting somewhere on a shelf with spiderwebs on it. Everything basically came to a halt right at the very start of the year. As disappointing as that was, we are hoping and praying 2021 would be better. And lucky for us planner freaks, we’ve got something that will definitely make us happy AF.

Since you’re already here, we are assuming you read the title, and you love doggos. These cute little beings who keep spreading happiness wherever they go. Something else they also spread everywhere they go is; poop! Well, they don’t exactly spread it but you know what we mean! And, someone with a hilarious sense of humor was funny enough to make a calendar of doggos pooping at amazing places that you definitely would want to visit.¬†Scroll down to see what we mean!

Here’s the wonderful Title of that Calendar.

Via Pooping Pooches

Who wouldn’t want to buy this!


Via Pooping Pooches

OMG! That snow and that doggo. Best combo! Even though it’s pooping.


Via Pooping Pooches

Is this the most perfect sight ever? Yes! Yes it is.


Via Pooping Pooches

And now we also have cows. As if doggos weren’t enough.


Via Pooping Pooches

10/10 would take a dip in that water with the doggo.


Via Pooping Pooches

And to add more content, here is a doggo in the woods.


Via Pooping Pooches

This doggo thought going in the water would be a good idea. Oh man, people swim in there.


Via Pooping Pooches

Must. Not. Let. Go. Of. The. Stick! Even if that means pooping and being uncomfy.

This calendar with pooping dogs isn’t just something that would look funny on your wall but the proceeds of all these calendars sold actually goes to charity. So in a way, you’re helping animal rescue charities and also getting something cute and hilarious out of it. This way, even if 2021 doesn’t go as planned, we would still have something cute to look at everyday that would surely put a smile on our faces.


Via Pooping Pooches

The heat doesn’t matter. Let me poop, hooman.


Via Pooping Pooches

Pooping with a view!


Via Pooping Pooches

This little baby who had to make sure his tummy is clean before the hike.


Via Pooping Pooches

Pooping but still alert!


Via Pooping Pooches

Spot the pooping doggo!

As if these weren’t enough, you also get a


Via Pooping Pooches

So, you can sit in front of the calendar and solve this puzzle!

Via Pooping Pooches

Here is what it looks like when its complete!

Via Pooping Pooches

Didn’t we tell you this was going to be amazing? So, don’t waste any time, hurry up and get this calendar before it’s all sold out. You can get it at Pooping Pooches! Don’t forget to let us know what you thought about this hilarious collection.

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