Wholesome Before-And-After Pictures Of Cats Growing Up (50 Pics)

Getting a little kitten is such an exciting thing. Who doesn’t love and adore these furry little babies? Eventually your cat becomes a part of the family and as family members, you have to treat them with love and care! These felines grow up so fast that you won’t even understand how they got so big!

Little cats are fundamentally a fluffy charm. We love seeing their lovable eyes, and we love hearing their sweet little meows. In any case, one of the primary things that we can’t get over is a cat’s delightful size. We realize they can’t remain little as such always, yet we love perceiving how delightfully little kitty felines are. However regardless of how much we may need them to remain little, a kitty needs to grow up.

In this article we have a bunch of cats before and after growing up pictures that their owners were kind enough to share! See how these fur balls looked like before and how they have changed!

1. The style never went away!

Smoothie was and is a stylish cat who knows how to pose!

2. The black eyeliner became more evident!

No one will be able to get over how beautiful this cats eyes are!

3. Sitting on the window sill is still her favorite spot!

4. Aww this is an overgrown kitty!

Adorable lil baby!

5. The pointy ears make it look like a baby bat-cat!

A cuter version of devil cat.

6. Looks even more lovely because of the “worried” look.

Bum, you worried wittle bubba!

7. Growing up together!

Both have grown up such beautifully.

8. A dapper darling!

The ever ready cat!

9.  The light spots grew darker with time!

Still looking up for the treats, cookies!

10. Grumpy wittle baby!

Look at the big puffy tail!

Scroll down as we have more for you!

11.  The most beautiful pair of twin cats.

“Beautiful cats with amazing eyes! ????

” – Tinklyatom

12. What difference a year can make with proper love and care!

Grown to be a healthy and charming cat!

13. Before and after having your morning coffee!

14.  A permanent milk mustache!

“a perfect MEOW-stash” – Breaking your perceptions.

15. They grow up so fast!

The owner is one lucky person. This cat is so special!

16. Who is the big boii?

17. Before quarantine vs after quarantine!

Scared little cat has turned into a confident and sneaky cat!

18. Once a charmer, always a charmer!

“Those eyes” – Monica JFK

19. “I own this laptop and your home, hooman!”

20. The ducky grew smaller.

Umm… Isn’t the basket a little too tight for both these babies?

Loving these photos? Well, you should be feeling lucky as we have many more! Scroll down!

21. When you didn’t want to grow up!

Can someone turn me back into a baby kitten?

22. Ready to rock on the skateboard!

23. Imma cuddle with my monkey before I sleep!

“I loves my monkey.” – Meowoui

24. Foxy lady with an attitude.

25. Feline’s mornin syndrome

“This is the most Zen cat ever” – Lindsay Ameye

26. Such a gorgeous feline!

27. The perfect recreation of a photo!

She even wore similar a dress! How adorable!

28. Not enough space on table for this biggie cat!

“still helping his hooman to work :D” – Magical unicorn.

29. Years later, his hoomans shoulder is still his go to spot.

dad, move your head pls!

30. Sweetest duo!

Handsome grownup cats.

31. Little cat who became a squirrel?

32. Owner saved this wittle bubba, and now the bubba is all grown up!

This kitty brought this man a lifetime of happiness!

33. I was happy once, then you came into my life..

34. Majestic beauty!

Cat grew up to be a grey lion!

35. After all these years, he still sleeps in the same position.

“He looks so pleased with himself :)” – Lara B

We have a lot more transformations for you! Just scroll below!

36. Cat’s still judging your antics.

37. Still so greatly concerned about the food.

Hey hooman, gimme my food on time.

38. The karate cats!

These cats look like they are gonna finish you.

39. Purrfectly insane cat!

Juno has a lot to say!

40. Say hello to Venus, the two faced kitten!

41. Salt and Pepper shakers!

Yin and yang.

42. Lil bub!

43. Mr. Cuddles giving the best and warmest cuddles!

This cat is so massive!!

44. Still inside the fridge…

Keeping cat in fridge so it remains fresh.

45. Kitten: displeased. Cat: meh

46. The same pillow and cat after 1 year…

So the pillow just shrunk?

47. Little cat-ster! Mixture of cat and hamster.

48. Please stop working and pay attention to me.

“Looks like the kitten lifted the keyboard in the first one.” – Daria B

49. He knows all the secrets, that he will never tell!

Cat loves scratching the couch. It shows!

50. After some tanning and years later…

Look at them adorable ears!!

What an adorable transformation, no? But I think cats and their cuteness remains in tact. No matter how much they grow, they will be our little adorable munchkins! Which one of these transformations was your favorite? Please let us know in the comments section!

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