16 Dogs Chilling On Windowsills Like Cats

16 Dogs Chilling On Windowsills Like Cats

  • By Saif
  • November 11, 2020
  • 5 minutes read

Have you ever seen a doggo behaving like a cat?

Does he chase lights or laser-like a cat does? Does he walk across your lap considering you a piece of furniture like our little felines does? Or have you ever witnessed a doggo chilling on the windowsills as a cat would? If you have, not to worry because your dog is a DOG, not a cat but if you haven’t, this one’s going to be very interesting for you!

Some of the dog breeds are more likely to show cat-like symptoms as compared to the other dog breeds. If you’re strictly a dog lover, let us tell you that you sure are missing some of the great qualities! Now, what are those qualities that we are talking about? Cats are adorable little creatures and some of their characteristics such as loyalty, affection, self-confident, being independent and smart are truly priceless!

But wait, your dog has those too, right? Well, there are some dog breeds who have them to such an extent that their behaviour mimics a cat! Although there’s no definitive research to explain to us why does your dog behave like a cat but it has been established that dogs are most likely to mimic the behaviours that they see. Your doggo might see a cat chillin’ on the windowsills and would think, “Hey, that looks interesting!” and voila! He would start trying that too!

If you haven’t witnessed such behaviours of a dog, not to worry because we have gathered up the perfect snaps of dogs mimicking a cat! This is going to really interesting so you might wanna grab a few popcorns before we start! Shall we? Scroll ahead.

1. Let’s start off with this one taking a nap in the window sill!

via Instagram

How adorable!

2. Someone looks happy!

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Small little poser.

3. There we go, another one looking out the window.

via Instagram

Just like a kitty does!

4. Oh, look! My neighbours doggo peaking through the window.

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So cute!

5. It’s fine, you don’t have to be embarrassed for acting like a cat.

via Instagram

We find it adorable!

6. Chillin next to the window sills like.

via Instagram

Such a peaceful life.

7. That’s a nice view, isn’t it doggo?

via Instagram

“Really, hooman? What’s nice in it? The grass? Am I a horse?”

We understand that you might not like some of the behaviours of your little pupper but you can always train him to stop. Plus, every animal has their own unique personalities and if your dog likes to think he’s a cat, let him be! That’s just a part of his personality.

8. Found him taking a nap in the window sills!

via Instagram

He seemed to be enjoying that spot!

9. All of a sudden, this doggo has developed a liking for this unusual spot.

via Instagram

A cat’s spot.

10. Now we know why they have been enjoying that spot!

via Instagram

Cat be like, “Stupid dog, pretending to be me!”

11. Look at those eyes!

via Instagram

So captivating!

12. Nice hair, doggo!

via Instagram

What shampoo do you use?

13. “Have you been finding me, hooman?”

via Instagram

“I really like this spot!”

14. Just when I wasn’t around, he decided to go sit in front of the window.

via Instagram

“Oh, Mr Wayne, I thought you left already. I was just keeping an eye for you.”

15. Too lazy to pose.

via Instagram

But still adorable!

16. The face I make when I get caught doing something I’m not supposed to:

via Instagram

“Errr, who, me? I didn’t do that”

As we have reached at the end of the post, we hope that you enjoyed every bit of it! You might be the person who likes to set rules for their pets but if you end up with a doggo who behaves like a cat, don’t be discouraging towards your pet! Those are some adorable qualities and you should consider yourself lucky that your pupper has them! Let us know what you think about it into the comments section below.

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