Hilarious Photos That Prove Cats & Snow Aren't Meant For Each Other

Hilarious Photos That Prove Cats & Snow Aren’t Meant For Each Other

We all like to think we know about cats. But in reality, there is so much more to them than just being moody, sassy, and dominating. Not that they aren’t all those things! Another thing that we have an assumption about is cats and snow. Cat lovers are basically divided into two groups. One group thinks that cats love snow and would rather spend their time in the snow, meanwhile the other group thinks that cats hate snow with a passion.

Well, the truth is, they are both right. Where some cats prefer staying out for hours during the snow season, others just keep finding the warmest of the places to hide in. But let’s focus the latter, shall we? And this is going to be hilarious AF! These cats just NOPED out of the snow zone. We know cats are the born comedians what with their funny and silky facial expressions but this is just too cute for us to handle.

You probably won’t know until you actually see what we’re talking about so go ahead and have a look for yourself!

1.The struggle this kitty is going through to avoid that snow says it all!

Sacrificing two paws for other two, must have been a hard decision.

2. Kitty thinking of all the ways to get back at its hooman!

We bet hooman is going to regret bringing the kitty out in snow!

3. Realizing the importance of heater after going out in snow like..

That’s all of us in winters

4. Trying to stay in the comfort zone like..

This kitty doesn’t like to experiment. We get you, kitty cat.

5. This cat army is trying to scare their enemy-the snow from their safe territory!

They must hate snow with a PASSION!

6. Three Stages of being in snow

Stage 1: This kitty is not shying away from showing how she actually feels about snow!

Stage 2. Being mad

Stage 3: This kitty has given up. Not on her anger or hatred though.

7. This cat is not ready for the horrors of snow

It knows what’s coming for it, the eyes say it all!

8. This seems like a still from a movie where the lead is being attacked by the antagonist – in this case the snow

Kitty is screaming LET ME IN with those eyes!

9. When the sweater doesn’t make things better!

Poor snow for being hated by this cutie!

10. Us when we are stuck in unwanted situations!

That annoyance in the yes is so relatable!

11. Kittty finding where the devil snow comes from!

This poor kitty is too adorable!

Get what we mean now? Yep, we thought so. However, you have not reached the end yet. There are many more pictures to explore and to love. So, keep scrolling and keep enjoying!

12. The kitty is terrified of what she will have to face outside!

The sadness in her eyes is both hilarious and heartbreaking.

13. One paw and this kitty is outta there!

Such a tiny paw! AW.

14. This cat is like, ‘Get me out of here or you’re dead hooman!’

Hooman better listen to this kitty!

15. Seems like this kitty was tricked into coming out in snow!

She not happy about it!

16. Guess who’s not enjoying the weather today?

Yep, this cat right here!

17. “Are you seriously asking me to go out in snow, hooman?! Grrr”

Inconsiderate hooman.

18. “This snow better not come in my safe snow-less space”

We love the fine work of this kitty!

19. This kitty actually tried to attack the snow!




20. This kitty stands by her choices and we are here for it!

We stan a cat-queen!

21. This kitty is upset that snow made it all old!

All the more reason to hate snow!

22. This cat looks ready to wage a war against the snow!

We’re on the kitty’s side, obviously!

Damn, these were funny AF, weren’t they? We know which one our favorite is, have you picked yours yet? And what side are you on; the ones who thinks cats love snow or the ones who they hate it? Let us know in the comments section below. Don’t forget to share this with your cat loving friends and family. We assure you, they are going to fall in love with all these cats!

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