Most Uplifting Cat Posts To Warm Your Heart (45 Pics)

Cats are generally very happy little creatures. Even when they are being moody and stubborn, they will still make you happy, or make you smile. All you need to do is get cozy in bed and have something to lure your cat into that bed with you and then, just wait for them to curl up on you or next to you.

On top of being extremely cute and funny, they are also really photogenic. They could be doing the weirdest things like falling off a sofa, or stretching or even pooping, but still be so photogenic. Their expressions are really spot on. Even a cat who is usually super serious, or usually always silly and playful, they still look amazing. There’s a reason why cat owners love capturing pictures of their cats all the time.

And then there are those cats who are just looking for love and spreading love themselves! They really make your day 10,000 times better. This world would be incomplete without them.

For those of you who don’t have cats, we’ve got you covered. We have collected a bunch of photos for you to love. We are sure you’ll feel happy and relaxed just by looking at these adorable and uplifting pictures.

1. A Mothers love!

2. They have so much love to give.

3. Here to heal.

4. She’s looking at him with so much hope in her eyes.

“The longer you look at their expressions, the deeper the photograph becomes.” – Alusair Alustriel

5. Companionship.

6. Aww! She has adopted this little kitten.

7. Never thought the floor would be this soft and fluffy.

“This cat looks like she’s the most comfortable she’s ever been” – Kaisu

8. Well, at least they won’t be third-wheeling now.

9. Why would anybody call this beautiful kitten ugly!

“Ugly? Even as a kitten she’s stunning! Those spots! Those eyes!” – Rissie

10. Right. And look at how keeping it worked out.

11. OMG! This little baby is so upset.

Bad, bad human! How dare you!!

12. The cutest little pair.

13. Forever and always!

14. Cat; These make me happy so I hope they make you happy, too.

15. He looks so happy!

“Both fuzzy and adorable.” – Dorothy Parker

16. This cat is now going to be a police cat.

17. The sweetest reunion.

18. Maybe if I look at you upside down, your mouth will turn into the smile that I like. – Pixar

“Pixar matches with the penguin behind her” – Kaisu

19. Here to comfort you. Always!

20. Mesmerized by those eyes.

“This is a… what is it? 😀 I mean it’s super cute, but It looks like a Star Wars bear :D” – Alusair Alustriel

21. I was definitely not teaching him how to climb up on these. Get down son… – Cat dad.

But daaadddd… you said I could go up and sit on the top of the blinds just like you do! – Cat son.

22. Made for each other!

23. Telepathy.

This cat looks so proud of this little dude, head bumping her. Precious!

24. He was so teeny tiny!

Bestest desk buddy ever. EVER!


Can’t handle seeing this cat like this. So heartbreaking!

26. Surrounded by cats.

This must be the happiest picture.

27. Love can make a change.

28. Give this daughter an award.

29. I shall forever protect this human in your belly – This beautiful cat.

30. Ella deserved a better life. So glad she is now making people happy and those people are keeping her happy.

31. May I have as well, kind sir/madam.

I am a very good kitty.

32. We need more people like him!

33. Safety first!

“Take him home and keep him inside. And that goes for the cat as well.” – Dorothy Parker

34. The cutest duo.

“For both their sakes. Beautiful.” – Dorothy Parker

35. Such a magical cat.

36. Nugget just wants a cat cave to relax in.

“forts make the world much more bearable i agree Mr kittie” – Magic567

37. It’s a love story.

38. Work is not important human!

The cat is.

39. Here’s a new one.

Alright, need my cats to have this much patience.

40. Gentle-cat.

“I would play with him too. He looks so sweet.” – Isabelle

41. Busy protecting the baby.

And getting some cuddles.

42. Forever together!

“Who’s writing this? The cat or the guy?” – Poppy Petal

43. Hello there, smol neighbor.

44. Precious human being.

45. Happiness! Enough said.

Wow! These pictures really were heartwarming. Teared up a little bit right there. But that’s okay, we all need such positivity and love in our lives. Can’t get over how precious these kitties and hooman beings are. The world needs more of these.

My personal favorite was the last one. The smile! That’s enough to make my heart melt. Which one did you love the most? Let us know in the comments section below! And just like the little girl said in picture # 44; Stay tuned for more great content!

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