20 Cats Who Got Special Gifts From Nature

  • By Sara
  • July 28, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

All cats are beautiful.

Whether it’s a sphynx or a fluffy-tailed Persian kitty, we love all types of cats! They’re adorable no matter what they look like. Their cute little pink noses and small toe beans are just something we admire. Their personalities make them even more likeable. The way they curl up next to us when they want to sleep, and how they lick our hands to wake us up for breakfast in the morning, what’s not to love about cats?

However, some of our feline friends are really special. They’ve been gifted by nature and stand out from the rest of their kind. I’m sure they have a heart as wonderful as the others, but their looks make them different from everyone else. These cats really are something to watch in awe. Scroll down below to see 20 cats who got special gifts from nature:

1. Scrappy has vitiligo.

© sultics / Reddit

2. Is this Catwoman?

© 9gag / Twitter

3. “Bowie is chonky and he’s got a blep, different colored eyes, and an ink-dipped tail. He’s basically purrfect.”

© mac_is_crack / Reddit

4. “My cat has lips and it’s freaking me out.”

© shelbygraces / Twitter

5. This kitty has the fur pattern of a sword.

© maisiedaise / Reddit

6. This cat has a comically long tail.

© captainwalnut / Reddit

7. This adorable cat that was just brought into the shelter has one yellow eye and one Sauron eye.

© avidhumidifier / Reddit

8. “Stache has been patiently waiting for me.”

© masteraja8890 / Reddit

9. 1 year old Curly was abandoned by illegal pet home breeders and found by animal welfare volunteers. Then malnourished, mangy, with severe ear infections and mites. Six months later, he’s now the biggest cat in the house with the softest fur.

© tjhan / Reddit

10. “My cat has universes for eyes.”

© Mpoweraz / Reddit

Wow! These special cat cases are astonishing. I don’t think I’ve seen anything like them before. Look at how beautiful they are. They are probably the most unique cats in their neighbourhood and the world needs to discover them! Scroll down below for the rest of the gorgeous babies:

11. Cat squirrel.

© rr_blaubaer / Reddit

12. “My cat has alternating color toe beans.”

© MagicKittyPants / Reddit

13. “My cat has flamingos instead of eyebrows.”

© ailes_grises / Reddit

14. “My cat, Alice, has marble fur.”

© y217 / Reddit

15. “My friend’s cat has amazing whiskers.”

© Staghornannosaurus / Reddit

16. “My friend’s cat has bushy eyebrows.”

© mind-sailor / Reddit

17. Olive has sectoral heterochromia.

© supremegalacticgod / Reddit

18. Venus, the twotoned cat.

© SolitaryManny / Reddit

19. “This cat has fur eyes above its real eyes.”

© wtdarn / Reddit

20. “My brother’s cat has thumbs.”

© mrbomax123 / Reddit

Here’s a bonus picture for you guys, but it’s a doggo photo! This doggo has vitiligo.

© TeisTom / Reddit

What do you think of these unusual looking kitties? Do you have a special baby as well? Share with us in the comments below!

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