Hilariously Broken Cats Who Need To Reset Their Settings (21 Pics)

  • By Sara
  • July 28, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

Cats are interesting pets.

As you all might already know, cats were worshipped as gods in ancient Egypt. It is kind of understandable since they act all high and mighty. Their prideful behaviour shows that they still consider themselves gods. They do whatever they want, whenever they want, and they don’t care if it is affecting anyone else. They are the real boss of the house.

However, even though cats have huge egos and hate being made fun of, they aren’t perfect. They are the silliest fluffballs that do the goofiest things at times. Broken cats have been going viral around the internet for quite some time, and none of us has really figured out some of their antics even after all these years. But at least we can get a good laugh out of it. Scroll down below to see hilariously broken cats who need to reset their settings:


1. “My cat is lying on the ground after giving up its bed to a mouse.”

2. This cat sits like it’s waiting for her friend to spill the tea.

3. This cat acts like a bat.

4. How my boyfriend’s mom’s cat sits:

5. “I was doing some work late at night and my cat did this.”

6. She likes sitting on her toes.

7. I’m watching you.

8. I wouldn’t mess with this cat.

9. “She never meows for us to let her in. She just…. intensely stares at us until we do.”

10. “I couldn’t find my cat for an hour.”

I guess there will always be some things that we might never be able to figure out about cats. Like why they drink water from the bathroom floor when they have a good, clean water bowl in the room. Or why they wake up at exactly 3 AM to run around the house and break things. Cats are weird, but we love them. Scroll down below for the rest of the hilarious goofballs:

11. Took me a minute to spot her.

12. They find the weirdest places to sit on.

13. This cat is obsessed with selfies.

14. Perfectly comfortable.

15. To the skies!

16. “My cat is kinda weird sometimes.”

17. Don’t stop.

18. “I’ll wait right here for dinner.”

19. “I think I was born into the wrong family. I need to be a dog.”

20. “How am I gonna use this pot when I grow up, I wonder?”

21. This tabby cat has an orange tail tip.

Has your cat ever shown errors? What did you think of these broken cats? Let us know in the comments below!

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